The Politician

Star of the show, he lingers

at journey’s end.

His universe begun.

How the meter stumbles dully when he quits the stage,

all echoing blindness, all gallant fun.


He winks, oh so lewdly,

smiles fit to crack the veneer of his politeness.

He addresses with caresses,

unwanted pats on the back.

Spurning the crowds he professes to love,

he tweets out responses,

burning up trust.

I’ll be heading over to read many other poets at the charmingly creative and devastatingly diverse meeting of poetic minds called dVerse Poets Open Link Night. Hope to see you there! 

36 thoughts on “The Politician”

    1. Anna, wow, Tanztheater Wuppertal — I just learned about it from a documentary I saw this summer, aptly named “Pina” — it was breathtaking.

  1. ugh. every time we think we might have one a bit different…we realize once again they have fooled us with their silver tongues…politicians never seem to live up to their billing….

  2. Nice, Marina! I have known people like that in the corporate world, too. Coincidentally I did a poem on a similar topic for another prompt yesterday — very fertile subject matter 🙂

  3. For some reason my brain is stuck in song lyric mode. This poem reminded me of De doo doo doo, de dah dah dah by the Police; especially the lines

    Poets, priests and politicians
    have words to thank for their positions;
    words that scream for your submission,
    and no-one’s jamming their transmissions

    As Mark Twain might have said; there are lies, there are damned lies and tehre are political speeches.

    1. Indeedy! But it’s charismatic CEOs, motivational speakers, all of that crowd as well – you’re in the room with them and you believe the moon is the sun. Then you leave and…

  4. Politics they say is dirty! From what we gather in the news it’s so. Your poem is spot on. They put on shows of friendship and gentleness which are just artificial! Nicely Marina!


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