Quick Update

This is just a quick update for those of you who have been anxious about my sartorial choices…

First of all, thank you everyone for your very constructive suggestions.

So what did I opt for in the end? Black leggings, a smart silk tunic in an undefinable colour (not black) and very high heels.

The heels made me tower above everybody, and gave me confidence. So the reading went well (although others were far better, even without such heels).

Afterthought: if you plan to mingle at the post-reading drinks party, a painful hobble to the car park does not make for the most dignified exit.

6 thoughts on “Quick Update”

  1. After a career singing jazz in nightclubs, I definitely identify with your thoughts about the long hobble to the car! Sorry I was not in on the “suggestions,” but it sounds like you went for classic and classy, a never-fail approach.

    And now, how about a picture, and a report about the reception of your work? That’s what we really want. In-depth coverage, ha ha… Thanks for your sweet comments at my blog, too… Peace and flat heels (!), Amy

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