Maybe the season of party conferences in the UK is making me think of politicians, maybe the training courses I am currently delivering are so closely related to presentation and rhetorical skills. Whatever the reason, my poetry is becoming more political lately.

giving-a-speechHe stretches vowels like rubber,

Ends each phrase with telling whine.

He’s now a child of southern

Comforts, tongue and race.

He talks of market values,

Absorbs, merges and expands

With each anecdote.

The money guzzles through his fingers

Thrown at walls in attempt to stick,

Be memorable, be different.

As army of wealth-merchants have him on drip.


One thought on “Transformation”

  1. I love the use of the word rubber here. It really hints at the way politicians are so…plastic. They transform themselves depending on the audience… This is excellent , Marina Sofia.

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