Old Friends

Like the comfort of twenty-year walks
We slip in that familiar pace
Our feet match up
Our faces, our minds.

You know me so well.
No need to finish the objects, the verbs.
No need to stem the flow
Or soften the blow.
One eyebrow raised gives the game away
And we burst in giggles as we did before.

No game this,
Just hearts meeting,
Sharing life and wonders.
Harbour for each other.

This poem about dear friends is a tribute to Dave King, a good man, poet and friend, who regularly participated in dVerse Poets Pub

34 thoughts on “Old Friends”

  1. A friend that you know THAT well is a real treasure. It is nice to talk with someone, I think, with whom you don’t have to explain your history….as they have been through it with you. Nicely expressed.

    1. One of my oldest and dearest friends I’ve known from the age of 5 and we’ve survived changing schools, countries, years of living thousands of miles away. We can still pick up the phone and chat about our innermost thoughts, fears, joys, as if the conversation never stops. It’s wonderful, indeed.

  2. i love when there’s such closeness that the other can finish the sentences for us because they already know what we wanna say… this is wonderful..

    1. And you sometimes have those cryptic conversations, where you say: ‘well, you know…’ and the other says: ‘I know… exactly…’. Yet such friendships can also be wonderfully inclusive of others.

    1. They are so much harder to start and maintain in adult life, these friendships. Although, sadly, you often find yourself growing apart from your childhood friends too.

    1. Unfortunately I started visiting dVerse Poets too late to get to really know him, but everything I hear from you all shows what a lovely, generous man he was. And his poems are so varied and such fun to read.

  3. Exactly even in death, friendships in cyberspace especially along narrow routes leaves us close and separate at the same time. What a strange paradox. Your poem features that distance so well.

    1. Thank you, it’s one of the first poems I wrote (when I started writing poetry again a year or so ago) and I thought it was a bit rough round the edges. But it seemed to be so suitable for this occasion, that I had to share it.

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