It gnaws in instalments

it bites in great gulps

Just when you think it’s done

the frenzy starts again      beyond

reason or caring

beyond the reach of voice.

From storm cloud to storm cloud chasing

always a step too dull

just one grasp away


Fear lodges its grainy head,

sometimes Inspiration follows


Over at dVerse Poets Pub for Open Link Night we were discussing ways of recording poetry on the go. This is one such rough draft of a poem scribbled on a plane or train in a tiny Rhodia notebook with a special gel pen (because I am a nerd like that!).

14 thoughts on “Curiosity”

  1. Marina Sofia – I love it! Yes, curiosity takes on a life of its own and takes us over doesn’t it?

  2. ha. a nerd for a gel pen…smiles. hey good job rocking the napkin…fear def will get in the way at times…maybe sometimes even save us from that curiousity but hey…without it would we ever dare?

  3. curiosity….fear and inspiration….they are tight neighbors at time, arent they..? way cool how you capture the process…i’m a sucker for frixion pens…ha… smiles

  4. I also scribble on Rhodia and I sometimes use gel pens (although I find they seem to run out quickly – let me know if you have a recommendation)!

  5. so relate to the gel pen:
    Can’t write with anything else.
    Trouble with rough drafts is that you have to crawl into the original frame of mind before it can be decyphered.
    [I prefer rough draughts :-)]

  6. Wonderful. And having an affinity for pens does not make one a nerd 😉 or at least not a lonely one!

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