Colour in November

After every blue I sag a little.

Green brings roundness, yellow sucks out life.

I slash your dreams with daggers of redness.

Fabricate black stories where dullards bleach to greyness.

Indigo are my moods – you do well to swerve past my shadow

cast on pavements, my scorch marks on the grass.

I torch ambitions with rainbows,

burn molecules with longing.

The yearning so strong inside us

for colours never glimpsed.

Lovely, generous poet and artistic spirit Claudia from dVerse Poets Pub

is urging us to find colour in the uniform greyness that beckons now November is here. Do go visit and see how other poets can brighten up rainy, foggy late autumn days.

26 thoughts on “Colour in November”

  1. i too love the indigo moods and daggers of redness… you def. bring out the power color has on our mood.. it’s a stormy and rainy and grey day here… ha – and i’m feeling a bit gloomy… smiles

    1. I’m such a weathervane – light, weather, colours and even music dapple me all over with their impressions or imprint. So I completely understand… miserable here as well.

  2. nice…i like the warning to swerve past the shadow you cast…burning grass…indigo moods is very cool…the colors ne ver glimpsed pulls at the adventurer in me…new colors to discover? sounds fun to me…smiles.

    1. But of course – we shouldn’t limit ourselves to the existing palette of colours and create our own combinations instead! Thank you for your visit – back from your travels, then?

  3. Marina Sofia – Oh, this really is lovely! I do love the boldness of autumn’s colours – I really do. They’re so deep and rich, and you capture that very well here.

    1. We had a gorgeous sunny day yesterday and its complete opposite this morning – the sheer speed of autumn array and display is amazing. Thank you for liking it!

    1. I’m sure a scientist would tell me you can not burn molecules like that, but… yes, I like the last 4 lines too, despite any inaccuracies. Thank you for your comment, much appreciated.

  4. I like the colors never glimpsed ….or even identified…they all have a tremendous effect on our moods…and more, they express our feelings very well…nice..

  5. colours never even glimpsed?
    I can’t conceive of any that I have totally missed.
    Nice thought that there will be a surprise new colour turning up.
    Almost like a new star, or planet.
    Can one burn calories with longing, as well as molecules?
    That would be a nice little earner if marketed.

  6. Nice emotional & visceral joy ride through some of the rainbow spectrum. like notion that rainbows could be used as torches too.

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