Friday Escapism

Take me far away from here, in landscapes and places which make me dream.

Mont Blanc? Not sure of source – happy to attribute correctly.



Greece – August full moon.
Lake Geneva from Montreux.
Lake Geneva from Montreux.


Garden of the 5 Senses, Yvoire.
Garden of the 5 Senses, Yvoire.

Finally, to quote Borges, I always imagined paradise to be a library rather than a garden.


There is a poem in there somewhere, if only I had time to find it…



2 thoughts on “Friday Escapism”

  1. Marina Sofia – Oh, these are marvellous! Just lovely! Hmmm….. I do love the Lake Geneva one. But those libraries look absolutely irresistible. Which to choose…

  2. nice…. being in a library is a bit like paradise for me as well… beautiful escapes… wouldn’t mind to be at the lake geneva now…in a little boat…sigh… happy wednesday..

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