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Flash of Memory

You hunch over all gangly, tongue-twisting blush,


thick glasses peering at your computer, the visual rush,


while I bask in the warmth of drawn curtains, crumpets for tea.


Distant buzz of communal payphones. You never quite ignore me.


‘Mmmm, speeeed…’ you mutter


and the honey-drenched murmur seeps through my body like butter.

Buttered crumpet

Buttered crumpet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is my offering for the Open Link Night over at dVerse Poets Pub. Do join us there for some fun and huge diversity of voices!

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20 thoughts on “Flash of Memory

  1. mmm i want one….smiles…a little honey and butter…hopefully they come out from behind the computer screen….smiles.

  2. This poem has a wonderful rhythm. The rhymes are a subtle undertone. The last line is perfect. You pack a lot of quality into this poem. I enjoyed reading it…thanks.

  3. Marina Sofia – I love your choices of words here – so evocative!

  4. I am not sure I have ever had a crumpet. (smiles) Interesting how sometime people can be in the same space and doing different things. Hopefully the one will join the other for crumpets!!

  5. Brendan on said:

    Connecting here via modem or memory, the moment is intimate and plush, redolent as your snack. You have a nice ripe inner ear for the language — reminds me a bit of Seamus Heaney. – Brendan

  6. Brendan on said:

    PS Flawless name for a blog, too.

  7. Crumpets and honey with tea (Twinings of course)…one of life’s great comforts !

  8. Crumpets– mmm love that. Really love the sentiment – never quite ignore me. Says it all.

  9. ha! This made me smile…here’s to buttery goodness :-)

  10. oh so much warmth in this… hmmmm… i want one as well… this i call comfort food… real comfort… and way beyond food..

  11. I have not had crumpets in a while but your poem makes me want to toast one and add nice butter!

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