Jazz and Java

Frost1When rhythm kicks

when rhythm hits


feel the heat

wrap up in it


music fills all spaces in me

never claim to see          just wonder and be


no denying its power-grip

heart does a tock-salto-tick

it blends its dazzle into my soul

feel all the tension

feel all the edges

soften         making me whole.

The irresistible syncopation of the Claude Nougaro song ‘Le Jazz et la Java’ (see the link below) inspired this poem, which I am offering up with my best Christmas wishes to the last Open Link Night of the year. Let’s celebrate in style with dVerse Poets!

30 thoughts on “Jazz and Java”

    1. Sorry for late reply: my comments to the first few comments seem to have disappeared. I’m not an artist (nor a musician either, for that matter), so I have to look for other sources of inspiration for my poetry.

  1. ha. i like this…tapping into the music of life and rhythm…i def let it take me when i can and just enjoy the music of life…this felt light…and i enjoyed…smiles.

    1. Ooops, where did the replies to yours and all of the above’s comments go? Strange goings on… but I am, as always, grateful for your visit and comments. It is light, intended as a fun piece to end the year on!

  2. Marina Sofia – As a jazz lover I can only admire the way you have captured what jazz is and does. Beautiful!

    1. Glad I could introduce you to him! He also has a wonderful song dedicated to Louis Armstrong (a reinterpretation of the Go Down Moses hymn) and against racism.

  3. Ah, wishing that music had that kind of effect on me…but the truth is it leaves me cold. Odd, as my mother was a concert pianist and my son is a song writer. The gene obviously skipped…

  4. I like the way the tone and style soften towards the end – but the first half is great: its good to see words used rhythmically and strongly like this. I often aspire to link poetry to music but rarely dare.

    1. Yes, the second half is when jazz players go off on a tangent in an impro… You should write some music-inspired poetry – they just seem such perfect companions. Would love to read the results.

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