Doorways to Possibilities

I love interior design, as you all know by now. And it’s not just bookcases or libraries which excite me, but also doors. They open up to an infinity of possibilities…  Images from Decoist, Shedworking, estate agent sites and not sure where else (these images were collected long before I became obsessed about copyright, so if you recognise one, please tell me and I’ll be happy to attribute).








4 thoughts on “Doorways to Possibilities”

  1. Marina Sofia – Oh, those are just lovely! The first makes me think just a bit of the doorway from the house into the garden in Burnett’s The Secret Garden. And I love that glassed-in-room in the second ‘photo. It’s beautiful.

  2. Now, I’m not a fan of the glass door. I like a solid door, clearly separating out from in, public from private. And a door should swing open (preferably creaking), not slide. Too much Gothic literature in my youth, I think… 😉

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