Prosaic Moods


Hark ye, hark ye, lads and lasses!

New Year celebration flash-passes

and we are left           with what?

Classical mood descended in hush on audience

mature, self-controlled, filigreed to perfection.

There is a time for grit and grime

but now we need to enunciate


gracefully modulate.Kite


There is a mood takes over mountains

roars over cataracts, thunders out joy

we parcel such moments in fine controlled gestures,

fearful to show, aware of the cloy.

Till white-foamed emotion whirls us to perdition.


Exhaustion seeps in concave glow of lower back

like the low growl of giant feline basking in sun spots.

I let tiredness wash over, climb each limb and nerve,

stretch in magical indolence, tendons brushed with honey gloss,

tea-fragranced warmth settling on my chest.


I burn in sulphur          hang in haze

with slow-roast speed churn my emotions.

My smile fixed plastic in perfection

mind darts to places too slimy to mention.

Compare and contrast, compete and contain:

others’ pride, others’ achievements

bring nought but dismay.



Now frozen, now burnt in feverish alternates,

how burnished his horizons in crimson warrior hues

dial turned to scream point, fists on the fly.

If his life were a crystal ball to fathom

he would crush it to oblivion in snarly crunch of baubled prey.

No hope, no exit, no gambit for mercy.

Future smashed smithers underfoot.


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29 thoughts on “Prosaic Moods”

  1. This poem fits Xmas and Xmas passing to a tee. I felt every part as I read it.
    Emotive poetry, and it hits hard. Thoughtful, emotive and provocative.

    Lady Nyo

      1. This is sharp and hard hitting…it feels like a surgical knife. Well, at least it felt this to me! I felt this poem very, very deeply, not on a surface level which is what we can sometimes write. I liked it very much!


        Lady Nyo

  2. Marina Sofia – It’s so interesting to me how holiday time can bring out those really strong emotions. You’ve done an elegant job of capturing them. I think it’s an emotional time of year, and so those feelings are very near the surface. This is very well done.

  3. very cool on the structure and how you break it down to each emotion…you had me early identifying that new years is past and now what? after the celebration where are we? what are we going to do? the end is very stilling and final feeling as well…felt.

    1. I wrote each one separately, on different days, but I can see how they can all work together to describe a single day as well. Thank you for your kind words.

  4. I like the different emotions coming out after the holidays ~ I agree on the weariness mixing with the joy but there’s also the angst of what is coming ~

    1. A bit of a rollercoaster, although I suspect it’s not just me. But I remember my mother sighing deeply and saying: ‘One emotion that you will never express is placidity.’ Or contentedness, I suppose she meant.

  5. ha – well spun on the emotion wheel… it can get us on a ride that’s not easily to control… esp. if there’s the pressure of new starts/blank canvas… i think it’s good to allow the emotions in, have a cup of tea with them and tell them what works and what not…ha…if it was so easy…eh..?

  6. You have captured the essence of human emotion well, with personal examples and honesty. I like the way you face your feelings AND write them!

    1. Weariness was kind of blissful- after a good day of skiing perhaps. I could almost see the open fire in a chalet. Thank you for your visit and your comments.

    1. I love performance poetry… but I don’t think I could do it. Although I used to take part in amateur dramatics. It’s just easier to use someone else’s words.

  7. Wonderful enunciation of the emotions. I was particularly taken with your description of weariness, which had a restful, contended feel to it, rather than unpleasant exhaustion.

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