‘Twas the Day…

… after we returned from the summer holidays and all through the house… cobwebs and dust bunnies were having a party. The washing-machine was churning at full pitch, the fridge had started humming but was bare and hungry. ‘Twas the weekend before school started, so lists were pinned up, checked and found wanting. Protractors had been bought and lost, felt-tip pens had become separated from their lids and were gasping for rehydration. School clothes and pencil cases begging to be legibly marked with the child’s name. Not for the first time, I wished we had given our children shorter names. Shoes had been miraculously outgrown during the holidays. Haircut appointments needed to be made. Telephone messages listened to, some of them requiring replies. Several bills had floated into our postbox and needed rather urgent payment. Above all, we needed food. But supermarkets on a Saturday are a nightmare. I braced myself for battle with wonky trolleys, careless people chatting in front of the aisles I needed to access, the endless queues at the cashier…

FlowerssmallI drag the shopping bags inside the house to find those two bouquets waiting for me. Soundlessly. Shyly. I wonder. I approach them gingerly. I see a little note: ‘Happy anniversary, darling!’ It’s the first time since we got married that I had completely forgotten our wedding anniversary. I thought forgetting was something that men did. Or at least my man. And, just as I call out, blushing, my family rushes downstairs in an avalanche of love. One bouquet, they explain amidst giggles and gurgles, was not enough – they could not agree which one was nicer: romantic or exotic. Finally, they decided that Mama was both.

Samuel Peralta is hosting at the dVerse Poets Pub (sadly, for the last time) and he has asked us for a prose poem. Not quite sure if this qualifies – I fear it’s more prose than poetry. But one celebration I haven’t forgotten is Chinese New Year: Happy Year of the Wooden Horse, everyone!


32 thoughts on “‘Twas the Day…”

  1. I loved the imagery you included, ‘ the cobwebs and dust bunnies having a party’ I do like that one. Very well done Marina I found this a great read, anniversaries and times one should recall but there was a lovely outcome.

  2. There’s not time enough for a busy Mom and spouse. All the happenings are coming on at the same time compounded with the holiday week and anniversaries. It’s a full time job! Wonderful write Marina!


  3. Happy Trojan horse here, spilling the happy family out from daily catacombs where the loudest grievance is that the children’s names are too long to properly shriek. Lots of liberty in the midlands between poetry and prose — who’s to say what’s which here — so the poetry is allowed to sneak out through the narrative.

  4. You so deserved the flowers and Happy Anniversary to you and Happy Year of the Horse as well! A mums life such a full one. I had to check with Brian if what I did was correct..so many forms..so many styles… I think you did well, a lovely piece.

    1. Yes, the different blogging platforms do not always talk to each other. Sometimes you really have to persevere. Thank you so much for trying and commenting!

  5. the romantic and exotic…i think a nice blend to become mama you know….ha…hey you give us all hope in your forgetting, we are all human…ha i have had the feeling ont he name as well after having to write it a couple hundred times on school supplies….smiles.

  6. A familiar story this is for sure (for mum who is a household goddess & laundry diva). Smiles. The flowers, the hubby greetings, the cobwebs & chores, etc.—ah, a priceless day!

  7. Oh, this is lovely, Marina Sofia! What a wonderful story and such a good reminder not to let little things keep you down. Happy Anniversary. 🙂

  8. After retirement, I returned to the stage after an absence of 40 years, and was in a production of 12 ANGRY MEN when our anniversary came & nearly went without my realizing it. I have always been right on the beam with anniversary plans for a dinner out, a getaway, a road trip, but this time I forgot completely. My sweet wife thought it was humorous, but my three daughters were relentless with their chiding. I rushed out buying stupid gifts that had to be taken back, making up a handmade card, and giving her two bouquets of flowers as well; your fine prose poem put me in mind of my manly foibles; thanks.

  9. oh this is wonderful – in the middle of all the hustle bustle and back to school and empty fridge world the flowers – wow – lovely that he didn’t forget… this is way cool

  10. Lovely experience. I like the idea of being both exotic AND romantic. Why not? Different characteristics at different times. Glad that you were surprised in such a nice way.

  11. Lifestyles in our modern world..can run so fast..that more than anniversary..can be lost..even self is in jeopardy of never maturing in kind…and anniversaries roll by…the years..the days..the minutes seconds..if only NOW..IS IS NOW..instead of

    all this complicated stuff..:)

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