Atmospheric Settings: Castles

Following on from my previous post, speaking of great settings…

Some of the crucial scenes of my crime novel in progress (3rd draft, thank you for asking) are set in a mountain chalet [of the public rather than the posh type]. However, seeing these pictures of French castles, I couldn’t help wondering if I could set my next novel in one of those places!

Chateau near Clermont-Ferrand.
Chateau near Clermont-Ferrand.
Some have Versailles-type fountains...
Some have Versailles-type fountains…
…And some have pools.
The more towers, the merrier...
The more towers, the merrier…
Chateau with gite (B&B).
Chateau with gite (B&B).
For medievalists.
For medievalists.
And for those who prefer Neo-Classical style...
And for those who prefer Neo-Classical style…

Incidentally, all of these castles are for sale, if you have a spare few million euros to invest in buying and renovating. More pictures and estate-agenty type details are available from websites such as,  and

8 thoughts on “Atmospheric Settings: Castles”

  1. Marina Sofia – Oh, they’re all breathtaking! And it’s easy to believe that a murder could take place at just about any one of them. Now I know what I’ll do with those extra hundred million euros I have lying around. 😉

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