Asagao: Morning Glory on a Winter Night

From Chapter 20 (Asagao) of the Genji Monogatari (Seidensticker translation):

People make a great deal of the flowers of spring and the leaves of autumn, but for me a night like this, with a clear moon shining on snow, is the best – and there is not a trace of colour in it.

This inspired the following haiku, which I am linking up to Open Link Night over at the dVerse Poets Pub.

Lunar petal drift

What a brief and futile dream

Childishness of snow

30 thoughts on “Asagao: Morning Glory on a Winter Night”

  1. Oh, that’s wonderful, Marina Sofia! Such a perfect treatment of both the fragile beauty and the clarity of that scene.

  2. yes – i think there is something soothing in the “color” of snow…in its texture…and with the moon shining on it something so pure as well

    1. I find it’s a great form for getting children started in writing poetry, but it’s certainly not that easy or simple, it can offer so much more than that…

    1. The Japanese always manage to convey this feeling of transience in each and every one of their poems, so I thought I’d give it a go as well. Thank you for your comment!

    1. Thank you! There was a time during my student years when I read nothing else but haiku and tanka and other Japanese poetry, so I must have absorbed it through my pores.

  3. “Lunar petal drift”… what a beautiful and unexpected description. Thanks for starting my morning off with a little crystalline beauty.

  4. Wow…my jaw dropped with delight! I think this is a wonderful haiku….and you have nailed the kigo, the necessary ‘apart’ of haiku, etc.

    Absolutely beautiful. I also love Japanese literature and will come back here for more suggestions to read. How wonderful you are reading so much diversified literature!

    Lady Nyo

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