Mission to Read

Waiting to be read...
Waiting to be read…

Last week I gathered up all my unread books and assigned  a few of them to each month for the remainder of the year. I tried to balance things out: one in French, one in German, one non-crime, perhaps one non-fiction each months, as well as the more standard fare.

Of course this does not take into account my even larger TBR pile on the Kindle, nor any books which will be sent to me in the future for reviews. 

And while it sounds like I’m formidably well-organised, I suspect mood and chance will win the day… and the meticulous plan will go out the window.

8 thoughts on “Mission to Read”

  1. Marina Sofia – I’m impressed that you’re making an effort to gather and sort your books to read them. You should see my TBR!

  2. Plans? Been there, done that! If you follow it, you have far more self-discipline than I do.

    My own TBR books have, sadly, gotten a little more out of hand than yours. Lemme think: two full-size bookcases, three waist-high ones, three little bookcases, various piles . . .

  3. That plan did sound ‘formidably well-organised’. I must say I’m glad you added the caveat! Makes me feel like less of a slacker 😉

  4. Ha! The TBR pile….it never shrinks no matter how much I read. I do admire your discipline reading in different languages…..my French books ( to my shame) seem to get shifted further and further down the pile and never reach the top! I am getting lazy….must take a leaf out of your book ;))

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