A Few of My Favourite Things

Now for something completely different at the weekend. Here are a few of my Favourite Things (in the John Coltrane version):

snowboarding-skiing-moutain-snowThe mountains in winter…


New ways to store books, while having them close to hand…

Chiffonier Labarere
Chiffonier Labarere, westwing.fr

Quirky furniture…

Flowering BushThe eternal promise of summer (with a glimpse of my favourite little car behind it)…

Ice Caves Spooky ice caves…

Stretching Cat

Sleeping cat

And a certain very agile cat, whose beauty I haven’t quite learnt how to capture yet…

14 thoughts on “A Few of My Favourite Things”

  1. What absolutely lovely ‘photos! And what a great reminder that it’s those good things in life, some of them small and some not so small, that keep us going. Thanks for the reminder. πŸ™‚

  2. much beauty in these pics… i love the mountains in winter as well and very cool pics of your cat and how cool is that book bench as well…ha…having loads of books just one armlength away… i think that’s a cool idea

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous cat! And very photogenic. I’m so jealous – my two always manage to look grumpy and suspicious in every pic…

  4. All of the photos are very lovely. Including the cat. We have a hard time getting a really decent picture of our cat too.

    1. My boys named her after the daughter of a friend of ours (a personal favourite of theirs), because they wanted to call her ‘Zozo’. Not quite the respectable image for your detective though…

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