Celebrating the Colours of Spring

We’ve a wonderful prompt over at dVerse Poets today, namely the richly colourful pictures of Sunita Khedekar. Her lush dream landscapes, tinged with an Indian mythological sensibility, are the best way to celebrate the coming of Spring. And it is coming, isn’t it? You can find more of Sunita’s work here and you can read some of the other poems inspired by her paintings here.

Happy Tree by Sunita Khedekar
Happy Tree by Sunita Khedekar

Happy List and Happy Trees

What makes me happy?

Let me list away!

Things you cannot pay

things you seek words for and poof!

they vanish when you find them.

View of mountains after weeks of cloud cover

that first gasp of air on a cold morning

puffing away at dandelion clocks

naming clouds lying back on freshly mown grass

to hell with the grass stains

bless my tail with my sons’ giggles

setting the world aright with old friends, whom you can still trust to think and feel like you

finding a new favourite book or author

music to match my moods

And the list expands with love and laughter

to be examined on dark days

to be etched in every movement, word and smile.

And yes, indeed, trees make me happy

their wisdom of renewal


those lists are made, are chopped off trees

so maybe trees are not so happy…


41 thoughts on “Celebrating the Colours of Spring”

  1. Hi Marina, I very much enjoyed this poem. There is so much to look forward to with spring, though right now I am looking forward to autumn as our summer has been long. I liked the end and I agree being a tree may not be all the fun one might think it could be.

  2. smiles….all the vibrant colors in these do point toward happy…that sting int he lungs of the first breath….yeah…that was a cool one…and i love dandelions….and mountains…it is good to have those lists when the dark days come…because they surely will…

    1. I’m still struggling to get my renewal mojo going, despite the beautiful spring days we’ve been having and all the flowers blooming. So it’s a reminder to self…

  3. How you made me smile… with the thought of lying down on the grass and name the clouds, without a care for those grass stains… 🙂
    A beautiful list… encompassing some really lively activities… and the end had me thinking as well… but I guess the trees convey their happiness by the green they behold and keep us alive for who we are. 🙂

  4. What a joyful poem to read this morning! So much happiness to be found in one’s world if only one has eyes open. I like the idea of love and laughter to be examined on dark days. So true…we can alway store memories to relive later!

    1. As a teenager I only wrote in my diary when I was miserable, so it gives a very one-sided picture of my life back then. Maybe now I should only write poetry when I’m happy and then reread it when I am sad.

  5. Marina Sofia – There seems to be a whole new kind of life breathed into things when spring comes. Your poem captures that hope beautifully!

  6. Though I do like spring, I actually lament the departure of winter. Something about the snow melting always makes me a little sad. Your poem does remind me, however, of all the good things to come with the changing of the seasons. Thanks for the read! 🙂

    1. Until this week I was still hoping for a bit of snowfall so I could get a last ski of the season in, but that would be selfish of me, so now I hope for spring!

  7. I love the list of happy thoughts and expanding with love & laughter specially during dark days ~ Thanks for joining in Marina ~

  8. I loved your list of things tantrum make you happy, like the view of mountains or the ‘first gasp of air on a cold morning’. I also enjoyed seeing how we had used the same painting in very different ways.

  9. Nice work; part of the charm of it is its rough edges, and the close is a fine contrast to the listing of happy events; a pinch of reality to stir into the tea; liked the spontaneity of this.

    1. Spontaneity is the name of the game here… I don’t have the ability to conjure up a poem easily from a prompt, so it usually ends up being more of a ‘scribble’. Thank you for being lenient with it!

  10. Interesting thought there – I agree with you there absolutely, recent times I consciously reduced the use of paper as much as I could. I realize now that saving environment makes me happy too.

  11. Your list also underlines how we are all alike. This morning when I walked the dogs the mountains were all colored rose and poetry came rushing in. And then there are the dandelions!

  12. that is a nice list… i love cloud watching – ha – no matter the grass stains… and i dunno..if i were a tree… to end after a long life with a poem printed on me or a happy list… doesn’t sound so bad at all…smiles

  13. Nice little twist there at the end. Somehow, even though we know it’s not so, we humans think the whole world revolves around us and our desires! Very well done.

  14. ha…on the end! I like your list! My boys’ laughter does my heart so good too…and yes, a new good book…laying out on the grass watching the clouds….the mountains in sight…trees…sigh….good stuff!

    1. Hugely selective list, of course. Note how I do not include: silly jokes and bad words just before the giggles, or the fear of ticks from the trees, or the third wash of those trousers in an effort to get the grass stains out. That would be the prose after the poetry…

  15. Reliving and renewing of the seasons change, of lying on the grass. It’s anticipation of goodness of seasons change!. How nice, to recollect, Marina!


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