My First Pub Night and Animal Poem

I am very honoured and pleased to be hosting my first session behind the bar at the dVerse Poets Pub today. Feel free to join me there for an animal-themed poetry session (and link your own animal poetry if you feel inspired).

ZozoBlankieThere are two reasons for this animal theme: first, it is Poisson d’Avril (the fish which the French use to trick you on April Fools’ Day). Secondly and more selfishly, I cannot get enough of singing the praises of my lovely recently-adopted cat. Today is her (approximate) birthday: we think she is roughly two years old. It has been my lifelong desire to have a cat, always thwarted by parents, landlords, spouses, travel and international moves. But my patience has been rewarded with the sweetest, most affectionate cat in the world. Even though she does bring in an occasional lizard or bird…


At night a cat purrs me to oblivion

with rhythmic chant she kneads my mind

wet nose nestled in my blanket

she slows my needs and wants right down

mistress of silent companionship

she asks nothing, no rush to judge or refute

listens with pupils like pools of ancient knowledge.


I live scarcely aware of the encroachment of loneliness

until the tinkle of her arrival signals comfort

that small paw of trust

nuzzling the crook of my arm

her hunting instincts quelled for the moment

bloodthirst slaked in the wish to be loved.

81 thoughts on “My First Pub Night and Animal Poem”

  1. oh it is cool that you have a cat now… i would so love to have a dog – but working full time it’s just no good idea at the moment… one day though… ah…she sounds like a darling cat… and looking forward to you hosting tonight

    1. I’ve waited so many years for this – so it’s a double delight! Thank you, am a little nervous about hosting, but it’s good nerves. Certainly it has always been such a welcoming and lovely group.

  2. smiles…reminds me of my two cats mixed….my old cat thought she was the mother of my children…always checking on them….my new cat is a snuggler…he likes to be under your chin…ha…and they def fill that space, become family, chase away the loneliness….

    looking forward to seeing how people respond to your first spin….smiles. you will do well…

    1. Thank you, Rebecca, hope your little boy is doing well too? See, I couldn’t handle a dog (although I like other people’s dogs) – too much work with the walking and grooming and training…

      1. Little man is great thanks. And puppy is growing. I know what you mean about work though. There is a lot of training and walking involved. But after we lost our last dog, the house felt as though it had lost it’s soul. It’s funny. I never had a dog as a kid and now..

        Anyway, I hope last night was great!!!

  3. Lovely cat and lovely poem. Our sort of new cat (about 3 years old and we have had her about 9 months) is driving me crazy waking me up at night (to eat). But I love her and she is beautiful.

    1. Ah, yes, there are some downsides too… I nearly freaked out when she insisted on laying the dead bird at my feet. But, in her own way, I suppose she was trying to thank me and look after me too.

  4. I like “listens with pupils like pools of ancient knowledge.” Definitely portrays the depthful nature of a cat. Pets definitely are a comfort though & give SO much.

    1. They do have such a depth of expression, as if they are very ancient souls, don’t they? I can understand why the Egyptians venerated them so.

  5. Animals bring out the best in us they know so much more than we give them credit for my friend “I live scarcely aware of the encroachment of loneliness
    until the tinkle of her arrival signals comfort” wow loved it

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, I do remember a friend who had cancer and her cat was definitely much more gentle and affectionate with her during that time.

  6. Cats are great creatures and you did yours poetic justice. Marina I apologize for double dipping on your meeting at the bar but I couldn’t decide between the two. >KB

    1. Even though you seem to be more of a dog person yourself… You see, I think this division between dog and cat people is greatly exaggerated. I think you can easily love both (even though I admit I would find owning a dog hard work, too much commitment).

  7. (This is my third attempt to leave a comment! But, no fear! I will make my voice heard and you will know how much I loved this poem. It’s eloquent and written with a very elegant style. I can picture the cat and her wisdom, and enlightenment as she comforts.

    1. Sorry to hear that – your trouble at leaving a comment. I too get that all the time on Blogger – clearly the two ‘platforms’ do not communicate with each other too well. Thanks for your persistence, look forward to reading your poem?

  8. Your poem really captures what a cat does. It made me think of my last cat. She used to sleep on my head or sit on my lap when I was watching TV.

  9. Beuatiful poem! It’s a sign of how much we love our cats that we can overlook the occasional dismembered rodent on the carpet…

    Just off to read this to Tuppence now to remind her of how a perfect cat should behave… 😉

  10. I so love “mistress of silent companionship” and her listening with “pupils like pools of ancient knowledge”. I am so glad you finally are able to have a cat!

  11. Oh, you made my eyes well up here – your poem shines with love. I haven’t felt a great deal of emotion lately – another weird stage in the upheaval of grieving for my dad – I was worried that I was beginning to turn into a husk. Thank you for moving me with your devotion to your pusskin – what a treat to have the companion of your dreams after all this time.

    Good luck with your bar-tending this evening – I’ll try not to be too rowdy 🙂

    1. That is quite possibly the sweetest thing someone has said to me in a while… thank you so much!
      Yes, grief takes us in funny and unexpected ways, there’s no rhyme nor reason to it. Just hope you find a way of living with it…

  12. ‘bloodthirst slaked’ ? don’t you believe it. Tomorrow morning she’ll be after a songbird again.
    Well, as long as they keep our mice down, I don’t grumble too much, although the loss of our goldcrest parent did upset me today.
    You seem to have tamed yours.
    Liked your clever prompt.

  13. love that line “listens with pupils like pools of ancient knowledge.” Yes, there is something about a cat’s eyes that seem to hint that they know something we don’t. Great prompt for your first time behind the bar!

    1. Thank you, I’m enjoying myself here!
      It’s like baby’s eyes too – they seem to know something truly profound as well (or maybe their eyes just fail to focus…)

  14. Your cat’s a beauty! I’m glad you have been able to fulfill your longtime desire. A cat can be a longtime friend. I lost my cat of 20 years two years ago and miss him terribly. I am contemplating a dog this time, but not until I have made a few more journeys of my own. Lovely poem – completely capturing that special relationship.

    1. Ooooh, I know what you mean. My children and I are already anxious about what we would do if we were to lose her. Sometimes replacing a beloved animal is worse than not having another one.

  15. I revel in the companionship I received from my dogs. One of them hurt her neck and while she is awaiting surgery the other sleeps with me so as not to injure her. (They sleep together). I love it when he parks his warm little body next to mine.

    Great job, today.

    1. We thought for a brief moment that my husband was allergic to cat hair (just after we got the cat), but luckily it was a false alarm!
      I too used to feed the neighbourhood cats when I was a child (since I wasn’t allowed to keep my own). You should have heard them congregating at night to call for me…

  16. We have a wonderful old tomcat, we call Keezie Moto, brought home by our middle daughter 10 years ago; an outside cat, it never needs a cat box, which thrills me. Ha a dog too, live to be 13; after we lost her, one pet was enough; we like to travel, and finding pet sitters can be bothersome. Great job of hosting the dVerse Pub; glad to have your energy, heart, & wit in the mix.

    1. Thank you for a very warm welcome, it’s a delight to be hosting!
      Yes, I’m beginning to discover the anxiety of finding a pet sitter… ah, well… it’s worth it!

  17. This makes me miss my kitty! There are many lines I like — that small paw of trust, no rush to judge or refute, listens with pupils like pools of ancient knowledge. Really, really sweet. I’m glad for you that you finally have her.

    1. Thank you, I’m very happy too to have finally found her. Too her to the vet yesterday for her last vaccine and she was so trusting in my arms (as opposed to her first visit 5 weeks previously)!

  18. Tonight I visited my friend who has two black cats. It is interesting that the one that is standoffish with everyone else seems to love me. One minute I’m sipping my tea and the next I have a giant, purring cat on my lap. These curious creatures never fail to entertain. I love the line..”listens with pupils like pools of ancient knowledge”. Very nice.
    Great job hosting at the pub tonight. 🙂

  19. Oh, such a perfect description of the one-of-a-kind love shared with a cat. You closed in on my nightly scene with my Willow (once snuggled in, I always tell her that she is “my everything”) so your poem touches my heart. I, too, wrote about cats but decided to try a poetic form that restricted my usual loving (gushing) sentiments for them!
    Great prompt essay, MarinaSofia!

  20. I know that love and companionship as I too lived alone with my cat. He is passed on now and I have moved on but I still dream of him and have never been able to replace him.

    1. Irreplaceable, exactly. That’s just it: it’s not just any cat/any human will do. My cat already prefers me to everybody else in the family and follows me around the house in quite a touching way.

  21. What a fun prompt….I think you captured the best moments with a cat very well…so fun to watch and yes, very affectionate when they want to be 😉

  22. My cat and I have been together for about seven years now. Believe me, you will get cross at times. As she will be with you! I can’t imagine my life without her.

  23. Well..actually Cats are as important to me as wolves in my spirit animal..aloof and FREE WitH Sacred Love ALL aS ONe…

    Purr of Cat resonates WitH Purr of harmonic frequency of MOther Earth..

    NO kidding..!ya can look it up on google..;)and listen to MoTHER Earth Purr…!

    A beautiful Oneness of Sacred Love!



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