New Poetic Forms: The Hum-Along

We’re having a DIY moment over at the dVerse Poets Pub. Gay Reiser Cannon has us creating our own poetic form, which is quite an ask for someone like me who mostly shuns rhyme and meter. So I have cheated a little bit… but other contributors haven’t, so their work is certainly worth checking out.

But it’s a Friday, it’s been a tough week, so, ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to The Humble Hum-Along! This is something I do quite regularly, usually because I don’t know all the words of a song. I make up my own words to fit the tune and the beat (especially of the chorus), a bit like scat singing in jazz, but with words that make some sense. Hang on a second, maybe that’s not all that original – some people call that song-writing…!

Anyway, here’s the song I keep hearing on the radio and whose rhythm has influence my poetry today:


Rustle after Rain – Hum-along

Birds wake shy

getting stronger all the while

persistent chirrup stands out

but the girls ignore him…

Go out in strong air

turn your pages in deep peace

pause between the bursts of song

don’t compare to others

don’t compare to others…




33 thoughts on “New Poetic Forms: The Hum-Along”

    1. I usually steer clear of such comparisons, but every now and then life/other people force a comparison on me. Here’s to the silence after the rain and birdsong!

  1. the rhythm in the song is great and def can see it becoming addictive…and wanting to write to it….my boys make up words to songs all the time…hahaha….we all do…filling in gaps with unusual things….smiles.

    comparison always messes us up…it leads to envy….and envy to destruction….

    1. Even my children are starting to complain that they keep on playing the same songs over and over again on the radio… and they love this song! Yes, I heard that bird trying to crow over the others and it struck me: how futile…

  2. I listened to the song. I never heard it before, but it surely has a catchy beat. I also like message…which feels springlike to me and gives me joy!

    1. Absolutely spring-like – I was listening to the birds coming out after the rain on Monday morning, and scribbled down some thoughts. Couple this with the catchy tune and… presto!

  3. I think your text was a lot better than the one of the song.. I can definitely see a great potential in hum-a-long to make new songs… (maybe an idea for poetics…).. create your own improved lyrics…

    1. You’re too kind, my dear – even though my lyrics don’t rhyme… but we could work on that. It also took me forever to realise that the band/singer was called Milky Chance (which sounds like the name of a chocolate), as the way the DJs on French radio pronounced the name, it was more like ‘Rib Kitchens’.

  4. Marina Sofia – Oh, this is not only creative, but it’s lovely, too. I like the rhythm and the the way your words hold together. Well done!

  5. I too like your poem better than the song. I couldn’t really relate your words to the song’s rhythm, but I don’t think that matters so long as it worked for you as inspiration.

    1. Just the chorus, Rosemary. Or maybe I have a really twisted way of singing (the singer seems to be swallowing half his lyrics as well). Thank you for your kind words!

  6. I like this. The “don’t compare to others” conclusion at the end…I think that applies well to not putting yourself (or another) down based on somebody else. (Of course, comparing yourself to another with the desire of bettering yourself, I think, is just fine) Great poem! 🙂

  7. Oh cool – a good way to work around the ‘What the heck am I going to do with this prompt’ panic! I also love the message, along with everyone else 🙂

  8. I can see how this would get into your head and I love the idea of using it to create your own lyrics. I’m so subject to “earworms” so this could be a great source of inspiration for me.

    1. It can be quite annoying, can’t it, to find yourself humming over and over again, perhaps even a song you don’t quite like? I also use it at times to make lists of things I have to do, for example, to the tune of ‘Happy’: ‘Come along, laundry piles, to the washing machine you go/ Now I need to do the tax returns/ check the balance on the go./Don’t forget to buy some more cat food for the show…’ and so on.

  9. Well this takes talent. And it takes a sensitivity – it can’t rightly be called a “unique” form and probably would have been best as a response to lyric song writing; however I enjoyed it very much and say, as always, whatever makes you happy and brings you to write a poem is worthy and certainly this talent could very well be lucrative! Well done.

  10. I think making up words to songs is always a fun treat. I too have a tendency to do this to whatever tune might be stuck in my head. lovely Humble Hum-Along.

  11. Your pre-poem commentary made me smile. I think this is a wonderful response to the prompt. The poem is strong and the music is amazing. (And thank you for the help with my German!)

  12. This was fun & a good excercise of rhythm. Poetry is music itself as lovely showcased in your Hum-along poem—a country like form! smiles.

    p.s. pls, let me know whenever you’re good with your Tiluses. smiles.

  13. I do like the beat of the music link & can imagine the words humming along ~ On your theme, don’t compare is a good reminder ~

  14. I love this – it’s so free-spirited. ( I didn’t listen to the video because I wanted to hear YOU.) I shun rhyme and meter too. 🙂

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