Nostalgic Moment: Happy Easter!

Easter is the biggest annual celebration in the Greek Orthodox church, so at this time of year I tend to get rather homesick. I failed to find the right kind of dye (traditionally, it should be red) for my Easter eggs this year, so I’ll have to make do with these beautiful images from home. Happy Easter to all of you who are celebrating this weekend!


5 thoughts on “Nostalgic Moment: Happy Easter!”

  1. beautiful… love the patterns… my daughters did the coloring with cooked onion shells sud and binding daisies and leaves around the eggs – they look beautiful as well

    1. Congratulations to them – they clearly are more gifted in arts and crafts than me! I did that once as a teenager, with really appalling results.

  2. Ever since visiting Greece with my son about 15 years ago, my mother has dyed her Easter eggs red in the Eastern Orthodox tradition. I love how they represent His blood on this most sacred of holidays. A blessed Easter to you, although it was yesterday.

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