Courtesy of www.deshow.net
Courtesy of http://www.deshow.net

Becoming more experimental in my old age… This is a writing exercise, a sort of prose poem based on free association with certain words or concepts. Very rough, but it was fun to do. I’m linking it to the Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub – join us for drinks, fun, good humour and lots of great (and very varied) poetry.

Wingspan: endless.

Eyesight: acute.

Disposition: heartless.

Victims: too numerous to mention.

Wanted in several countries as symbol of boldness, greatness, goal-orientation.  A menace to one’s enemies, totemic of clear-sightedness.

But, locking your gaze onto a distant target, what might you be missing in the quiet corners, the nooks of your eyes?

Sudden swoop of power, then a lifetime of solitude on some bald crag of unnamed rock. Pecking at unwanted liver of a chap who never understood just why he was being punished.

Give me the magpie any day. Distracted, thieving, but always on the lookout for ideas, objects, friends.  A life of peripheral vision.


32 thoughts on “Eagles”

  1. very cool… probably it’s the independence and the freedom that makes us take the eagle as a symbol… but probably time to rethink— i like your description of the magpie a lot!!!

  2. Marina Sofia – Magpies are great birds! The eagle has always appealed to me because its beauty in flight. And of course it’s a symbol of strength, independence and so on. But your poem reminds us of the chinks in that armour.

  3. Oh, they couldn’t be more different in temperament, could they?
    Never thought of the types of personality within the bird kingdom, but yes, once you see it, it is quite obvious.
    I shall have to google ‘totemic’ 🙂

    1. I always thought it was a bit of a harsh punishment for Prometheus. Thanks for visiting – and I do wish you would write poetry more frequently on your blog – I love it!

  4. I like this interpretation and what it could imply between its lines – for me it acts as a subtle protest poem as well as an accurate denotation of the birds themselves! Fine work.

  5. It readily presents a contrast. The eagle a pillar of strength and grace and a subtly small but talkative magpie! But yes, still the magpie is preferred! Nicely Marina!


    1. Goodness, I can only wish I could observe nature even a quarter as well as Ted Hughes. I always feel I lack the words for flowers, fish, fowl and so on…

  6. “Wanted in several countries as symbol of boldness, greatness, goal-orientation. A menace to one’s enemies, totemic of clear-sightedness.”

    You bring the gorgeous bird of prey to a new insight, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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