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Friday Fun: Chateaux in France

Castles in Spain, chateaux in France, what’s the difference? Somewhere to dream, explore, write – and never mind the renovation work required.  Happy Bank Holiday, for those who are in the UK, and hope the weather will be better than our soaked holidays to date…

Chateau near Vichy,

Chateau near Vichy,

Chateau in Charente,

Chateau in Charente,

Chateau near Dijon,

Chateau near Dijon,

Chateau du Signal near Lausanne, photo: Sabine Papillaud,

Chateau du Signal near Lausanne, photo: Sabine Papillaud,

I’ve included the last picture although the image is less clear because this one is quite a special house (and it is more of a modest manor house than a chateau): it was David Bowie’s house on the hills above Lausanne for 10 years and it has appeared in the Claude Chabrol film ‘Merci pour le chocolat’.

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6 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Chateaux in France

  1. Oh, look how lovely! Thanks for sharing, Marina Sofia! I’ll have the third one, please. I can have everything moved there in just a few weeks.

  2. Difficult choice this week. Tempting though it is to move into Bowie’s old home, I think I’ll settle for the little house in Lyon. I’d go for the third one but it’ll be a bit crowded if you and Margot have already moved in…

    • We can establish a reading/writing commune there – looks like it’s roomy enough! The David Bowie one has the best view of Lake Geneva and the Alps, though…

  3. Wouldn’t it be exciting to plan a writers’ retreat in one of these exquisite settings. I’m sure Bowie’s view was spectacular but the Dijon chateau has a more inviting appeal. We are spending two weeks in Switzerland, near Lucerne, before arriving in Nice and my shutter finger is already twitching! Thanks for these moments of fantasy!

    • And Switzerland/France is looking forward to having you back again, Patricia! Fantasy is probably better than reality when it comes to places such as these, I suspect.

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