25 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Beautiful Home Libraries”

  1. Oh, these are all so lovely, Marina Sofia! I’m moving in. I think if forced, I’d choose the last one, but they’re all wonderful.

    1. Yes, not many homes have that luxury nowadays. In our house in England the guestroom/study was also a library. But I think, as the children get older, that will no longer be possible.

  2. These photos made me laugh. I should put a picture of my wall to wall, floor to ceiling books world on my blog. Nice pics…Do you think these people ever read these books!

    1. I hope they do – but yes, I see what you mean: they look almost too perfectly arranged. And please do post a picture of your bookshelves on your blog!

    1. Yes, there is something about that gentlemen’s club style that I really like as well – even if I don’t smoke cigars! Maybe I can just imagine T. S. Eliot conversing with Virginia Woolf there.

  3. so beautiful to be surrounded by so many books…sigh… i could spend hours in a library.. and having such a big one even in my house… paradise…

    1. I have two words for you: glass doors. Really cuts down on the dust issues. Sadly, don’t have them on my bookcases over here (we are currently renting abroad, while our beautiful house with the endless bookshelves is being rented out to someone else – sniff!)

    1. I love light-filled, airy rooms too… although I don’t mind darkness so much in a library – it just feels cosy, and you can get good reading lamps. (And my eyesight is ruined anyway.)

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