Haikus for a Crazy Spring

DSCN6606We’re having such changeable weather lately, with perhaps 3 seasons in a day (several times over). Here are some haikus about this crazy month of May.

Last snow streak on rock

wind-chased clouds take shelter there

-would I had my own!


Now clear now cloud drift

we linger on in wonder

at the constant change.


rainstormFogging up windows

like withered petals we crouch

in entrails of Tube



This day sleeves are short.

Still fresh before the swelter –

our sun-starved ghost arms.

3 thoughts on “Haikus for a Crazy Spring”

  1. Marina Sofia – I think you capture beautifully the way the weather changes and at another level, the way we adapt to it. Impressive!

  2. Oh, I really like these. May here in New Hampshire was more like a typical April, lots of rain. But, then we’d have gloriously hot days spiking out of nowhere. But weather in NH is usually crazy. The saying goes, “If you don’t like the weather in NH, just wait a minute.” 🙂

    Sun-starved ghost arms is a perfect description!

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