What Got You Hooked on a Life of Crime, Stephanie Rothwell?

It’s Monday, the start of a great week for all, I hope, and time to introduce another member of our virtual crime fiction book club. Stephanie Rothwell is an avid and discerning crime fiction reader, and a big fan of long-running series. I convinced her to answer a few questions about her reading pursuits and give us some ideas for our already groaning TBR lists!

StephSteph, how did you get hooked on crime fiction?

I started reading crime fiction when I was a child. Enid Blyton, especially the Adventure Series, Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys and the Three Investigators  were all favourites.

I then moved onto Agatha Christie and Raymond Chandler. From then on, it was Colin Dexter, Ruth Rendell, Elizabeth George. All mainly authors who had a full series of books that I could get from the local library.
Are there any particular types of crime fiction or subgenres that you prefer to read and why?
I will try anything. I do prefer a series of books based on the same characters but will read standalones as well. I’m probably more reluctant to read spy thrillers.
What is the most memorable book you’ve read recently?
‘Wolf’by Mo Hayder, because it was so believably scary. If I could pick another, it would be ‘The Lying Down Room’ by Anna Jaquiery for its originality.
If you had to choose only one series or only one author to take with you to a deserted island, whom would you choose?


Well, it’s one that some may not class as crime fiction.!It’s called ‘The Quincunx’ by Charles Palliser. [Ostensibly a Dickensian mystery set in 19th century England, but with a modern twist of alternative ending and unreliable narrators.] I have read it two or three times and each time it fascinates me.
ipadWhat are you looking forward to reading in the near future?
I’m looking forward to reading the new books by Sharon Bolton and Peter James. I really want to get stuck into the Jane Casey books as well. I’ve heard so much about them.
Outside your criminal reading pursuits, what author/series/book/genre do you find yourself regularly recommending to your friends?

Currently it seems to be books about WW1, in particular ‘Wake’ by Anna Hope.

Thank you, Steph, for taking the time to answer my questions (and general nosiness). It seems there are quite a few of us who enjoy series by the same author, although we may be divided over the issue ‘read them in order’ or ‘read whichever is available’.

For more revelations of reading passions, see here. And if you would like to participate in the series, please let me know either in comments below or on Twitter.

6 thoughts on “What Got You Hooked on a Life of Crime, Stephanie Rothwell?”

  1. Marina Sofia – Thanks for introducing us to Stephanie. I’m really enjoying this feature so much!

    Stephanie – I love reading history, too, and WWI is such an interesting era on a lot of levels. I can see why you’ve been reading books on that time period. And you’re not the only one who got hooked in part by Nancy Drew…

    1. Isn’t it fun discovering communalities with other crime fiction readers – but then also the differences, which make us all so unique, and which make the discussions so much more productive?
      OK, maybe we should do a poll: who was better/cooler: Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys? Personally, I thought the Hardy boys relied too much on their Dad.

  2. Thanks for the reminder about The Quincunx, SR. I’ve had it sitting on my shelf for years but, whenever I start reaching for it, it seems even thicker than it did the last time. I must get my act together, though: everyone’s told me it’s a great book.

    1. I know what you mean: I have so many books that I’ve been meaning to read sitting around. But then a review copy comes in and seems more urgent, etc. etc. Still, nice problem to have, I suppose! Books to look forward to, I mean.

  3. Another crime lover inspired by Enid Blyton and another great interview! The Jane Casey series is definitely worth reading, I’ve just finished her latest, The Kill, and loved it!

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