Friday Fun: Libraries

From the smallest to the most generous spaces… there’s always room for a few more books!

Corridor Library, Dezeen Magazine.
Corridor Library, Dezeen Magazine.
Home library, Elle Decor.
Home library, Elle Decor.

(If you want to wrap up all your books in white covers for a streamlined look…)

Karl Lagerfeld's Paris library, Decoista.
Karl Lagerfeld’s Paris library, Decoista.
Book Mountain Library, Spijkenisse, The Netherlands.  Photo: Jeroen Musch.
Book Mountain Library, Spijkenisse, The Netherlands. Photo: Jeroen Musch.

12 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Libraries”

  1. When I was younger, I actually covered all my books with white paper and neatly labelled. I don’t have the time to do that any more and I actually appreciate cover art and like to display them in my study.

      1. I didn’t have more than a couple of shelves at that time, and I was quite methodical in the way I stored the books, so it wasn’t very hard.

  2. I don’t like the white covered books. You wouldn’t know what you were looking for! I do like the long corridor looking library in the first image. Beautiful.

    1. Isn’t that such a clever use of space? We used to have a small alcovey thing on the stairs in our old house and it made the perfect bookshelf space.

  3. I’ve seen photos of the Netherlands one before: it’s indeed pretty stunning!

    Like others, I’d say the prospect of all-white-covered books is a bit of a nightmare, even if they had author and title on the spine. If I read a book a few years ago, that information alone may not be enough to remind me of what the book’s about or even that I have indeed read it. The cover will usually clue me in pretty fast, though.

  4. Marina Sofia – I love these different approaches to the library. I think I would find it hard to have a library with all of the books having white covers. But that aside, I do like the shape of the second library. And the first has a really neat, streamlined way to display the books. Nice use for a corridor! Of course, with my TBR, I’d probably need them all…

    1. I’m thinking colour coordination here: black for all my crime fiction, maybe, white for my non-fiction, blue for sad novels, red for comedies etc. That might work – or different colours for different countries… Getting carried away here, as you can see…

  5. Oh, I really don’t like the white books! So impersonal somehow. And the Lagerfeld library makes me feel quite faint and dizzy! No, it would have to be the corridor of books for me today…

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