Friday Fun: Places to Read in Summer

You know my love for cosy reading nooks. They are perfect for winter, particularly with a toasty fire somewhere nearby (for burning toes and marshmallows, not books, of course!). But, come summer, you long for something fresher, more airy, to do your reading. If you are not fortunate enough to have a super-comfortable cherry tree like I did during my childhood summers at my grandmother’s house, here are some worthy alternatives. Plain woodwork and white shades are the way to go…

Front porch. Frome Domaine Home.
Front porch. From Domaine Home.
Japanese bath house. From Decoist.
Japanese bath house. From Decoist.
Veranda.  From Vogue Living.
Veranda. From Vogue Living.
Conservatory. Savvy Home.
Conservatory. Savvy Home.
Mykonos San Giorgio Hotel.
Mykonos San Giorgio Hotel.
Garden retreat. With a Pimms, of course! From Pinterest.
Garden retreat. With a Pimms, of course! From Pinterest.

15 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Places to Read in Summer”

    1. My one concern with hammocks is: how do you balance book and refreshing drink simultaneously? (Can you tell I have a limited experience with such contraptions?)

    1. Yes, I think that’s probably the most realistic one. I do have a hammock but it’s the kind that you need two trees for… and we’ve never had 2 trees at the right distance in our garden…

  1. Marina Sofia – Oh, what wonderful places! I can just hear that Japanese bathhouse calling to me. Hmmmm.. Kindle or paper books?. Both, I think!

  2. I spy a teapot in that last one. Whatever time of the year, a teapot is always a welcome addition to my reading environment.

    1. And there was I thinking of Pimm’s, G&T and other alcoholic concoctions… But yes, you are right, tea is also an excellent side-dish to reading pursuits.

  3. It’s like somebody has stolen all the ideas from my house, ha! I would love to read in places like those, they look great for musing as well.

    1. Musing is also good, and most welcome! I do have a conservatory in my house in England – steamy hot in summer, freezing in winter, so it’s seldom the ideal reading spot.

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