Ode to My Fellow Pub Poets

Picture from www.utahlivebands.com
Picture from http://www.utahlivebands.com

After a short summer break, the dVerse Poets Pub reopens its doors and celebrates its third anniversary. This is no small matter in a world where blogs come and go at lightning speed, especially community-based blogs, where we share our poetic thoughts and feel free to experiment. The poem below is based on Catullus and his famous Ode to Lesbia, and it’s dedicated to all of the talented poets (and moments of fun and serious talk) that we’ve had here at the Pub.

Let’s live and love then, my dear friends,

another glass of champagne? …don’t mind if I do..

and give old naggers’ disapproving frowns short shrift.

The sun rises and sets on repeat.

[Over and over and over and over…

//the joy of repetition really is in you.]

But we? Once our sun’s snuffed out, it’s the graveyard shift.

So cover me in poems, a thousand,

then a hundred more, then let’s start over again.

Oh… is that taking it too far? / No, wait!// Don’t turn away…

A million poems later, let’s fudge the score

so no cold calculating eye can quell our enthusiasm!



if in doubt for entertainment

dancing on tables

is also great                  and would suffice.

35 thoughts on “Ode to My Fellow Pub Poets”

  1. ha. cover me in poets and i will dance on a table…
    its a cool thought being covered in poems…repetition is a rhythm of life,
    i say we embrace that love and learn to live in it…

    1. Well, sometimes on Open Link Night, that’s what it feels like – covered in an avalanche of poems. Still, nothing more inspiring for a poet than to read the work of others!

  2. Marina Sofia – This is such an excellent expression of the bond you all share! Beautifully done!

  3. ha – dancing on the table sounds not bad to me at all…and yeah…poems are a wonderful cover…for the soul me thinks…smiles
    happy anniversary marina!!

  4. I drink to that ~ I specially like this part:

    So cover me in poems, a thousand,

    then a hundred more, then let’s start over again.

    Thanks for your lovely words Marina ~

  5. I love this poem and these lines – “So cover me in poems…. so no cold calculating eye can quell our enthusiasm!”
    Cheers to you, too. 🙂

  6. poems are the blanket for my soul–wrap me up in em and pass the budlight. ha… poetry certainly is a passion; I think anything that one does over and over and over again has to, or else it’ll be a pain in the ass, ya know?

  7. I knew a girl from St. Paul,
    who wore a poetry dress to the Ball;
    the dress caught fire,
    & burned her entire,
    Slotto, Rudberg, Miller, Reiser, Shoenfeld
    & all; lovely, lithe, & deeply-rooted in the poetic cyber affection that so many of us running in & out of the dVerse Pub feel for each other; right back at you, baby.

  8. very well crafted. a thousand seems like a lot, but I have a feeling the pub has well surpassed that in its three years…and there is definitely no reason why another hundred or so can’t be added to the mix.

  9. “So cover me in poems, a thousand,
    then a hundred more, then let’s start over again.”

    Such a joyous poem. Yes, let’s dance on the tables!

  10. I love the style with which you’ve captured what those of us (who haven’t been around that long) feel when we happen upon this community. And, it is truly something to celebrate! I’ve only been around for one Open Link Night, and I already feel like I was covered in a multitude of poems. Very happy to attend your anniversary celebration Marina! À la vôtre!

    1. Welcome and I hope you enjoy the dVerse community – I have learnt so much from the other poets, but yes, sometimes it is a little hard to keep up… I think the best strategy is to join in when you can and want to, rather than making it a millstone of obligation around your neck.

  11. “so no cold calculating eye can quell our enthusiasm!”

    That’s epic, smiles. And I absolutely loved the thought of covering me with poems.

    Finally, thanks for the correction on mine.

  12. well…I’m a lousy dancer, so you probably don’t want to see ME on the table…but I’ll sure come along and enjoy the party! And yes, let us be covered in poetry!!

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