Weekend Fun: Library Pubs

Something completely different today. Over at dVerse Poets we have been celebrating all week: it’s three years since the opening of our virtual Pub, where we meet weekly to discuss poetry and display our poems. Instead of a poem dedicated to the Pub (or to any pub), I thought I would share with you some pictures of pubs which look like libraries. Sounds like an irresistible combination!

New York, NoMad Hotel, GQ Magazine.
New York, NoMad Hotel, GQ Magazine.
Plaza Hotel, Copenhagen, librarybar.dk
Plaza Hotel, Copenhagen, librarybar.dk
Auckland, New Zealand, travelbugtv.com
Auckland, New Zealand, travelbugtv.com
Dallas, Citybuzz.com
Dallas, Citybuzz.com
Los Angeles, frenchdistrict.com
Los Angeles, frenchdistrict.com

My only question is: are the books just for decoration, or can you read them? And what sort of books are they?

48 thoughts on “Weekend Fun: Library Pubs”

  1. Meet you at the Plaza in Copenhagen, Marina Sofia. Or wait. No. How about that pub in Auckland? No…oh, well, why not all of them? 😉

  2. I’ve been in pubs in the UK where they’ve had a few shelves of books that people can read (usually bought by the yard, so most are unreadable but every now and there’s something rare and fascinating), but never anything on this scale! The LA one in particular looks wonderful.

    1. It would be disappointing, wouldn’t it, if it were a ‘book by the metre’ stuff? I remember going into a second-hand bookshop on Charing Cross Road once and a Russian oligarch came in and asked for ‘a few hundred books, mainly with red and white covers’ – to match the furnishings, I presume.

      1. Have you ever been to ArtExpo? You see buyers doing exactly that: “We need 64 paintings for our offices, no bigger than x, no bigger than y, and we can pay $LOTS for them. Reds and greens preferred, to go with the carpeting. Here’s the cheque.” I had to go and have a sit-down the first time I witnessed it.

        Then there are the artists exhibiting who — like Wallander’s dad — paint the same picture over and over, only in their instance it’s because it’s a popular item and they’ll find plenty of buyers for it.

      2. Oh, I meant to add:

        It’s always puzzled me why the pubs with shelves of books by the yard/metre don’t instead operate their shelves as book exchanges: bring your surplus books; if anything you pick up to read with your pint proves interesting, feel free to take it. That way they’d have a constantly changing stock and likely attract the occasional extra customer. And they wouldn’t even have to pay out whatever it costs for a few yards/metres of books!

  3. I don’t think I have seen one over here ~ Pub & books, what a potent combination Marina ~

    Hopefully one day we can all meet together in a pub, smiles ~ Have a good weekend ~

    1. i think i could stay there for hours and hours…

      . . . reading more and more slowly an’ more an’ more wozzit shlowly an’ . . . zzzzzzzzz

  4. oh i would def be there….they would have a hard time getting me to leave lol…i could just sit and read…and imbibe a nice dark stout…and i would just about be in heaven…just saying…i am thinking near the fire maybe….smiles.

  5. Well..that’s certainly a welcome addition..as opposed to large screen TV’s..perhaps they foster conversation pieces..an area..lacking..

    in some remote corner bars..;)!

    and now..not so remote2!

  6. I absolutely love all the pictures you shared here. They sent a tingle of happiness down my spine!

  7. Pub crawl! I suspect there are several volumes of poetry mixed in those shelves. Pubs and poetry are a perfect pair.

    1. As long as we don’t spill drinks over our books… Still, books can take a little wash, unlike ebooks, and can also be passed around from hand to hand for enthusiastic reading!

  8. I have been to coffee houses with books you can read but, not a pub..it would only be fitting to have poetry on the shelves. The Dallas one looks fun..

  9. The first one I ever went to was in Baltimore. It was in the basement of a bookstore and it was great. I had my first hot buttered rum there and there were comfy chairs to read, and tables between to chat and share. Someone told me it’s still there. How cool of you to share!

  10. The ones I’ve visited have readable books–used, dog-earred, with unrecognizable titles between the treasures. I’ve imagines the d”verse poets pub with a bookcase or two though the “picture” doesn’t show them.

  11. Very elegant looking places. We have a local college coffee house during day/wine and folk music at night type of placethat’s just a bit north of us that we like to frequent, called the Thirsty Mind. I think I’d much prefer their well-worn books with dog-eared pages—books that have been poured through, books that have been read!!

  12. I too wondered the same of the books as I looked at the pictures. I do like the idea of a Library Pub…I just like the idea of being surrounded by books…real or not.

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