Lionel Messi and the Cult of Personality

This was written in response to a poetry prompt about how our modern-day mythology is the frenzied celebrity culture. It struck me during the recent football World Cup in Brazil how much we are looking for a single Saviour out there to make us forget all our inadequacies and needs…


Defeating armies of unbelievers

His touch on the ball deemed divine

The crowds cheered him into the promised stadium

But miracles failed to show up

On tap

On golden boot

Or on any part of his divine body.

No Messiah after all,

Merely messy.

8 thoughts on “Lionel Messi and the Cult of Personality”

  1. Oh, Marina Sofia, that’s powerful! It shows clearly that even our most sacred celebrity idols have feet of clay as the saying goes. On the one hand, that can be devastating to those who build pedestals, and hard for those forced to stand on them. On the other, it can have a way of being liberating. They are people after all…

    1. It struck me forcibly how seriously people took all of this – as if it was a matter of life and death… and how much hope (and then feelings of betrayal) was flung on poor mere mortals…

  2. Apparently the Brazilian team also relied on one guy to save them. Too much idolizing and too little sense of community is something that definitely plagues our Western society.

    1. Celebrities being idolised and aspired to as role models really annoys me, I have to admit. Especially when they are famous mainly for being famous or married to famous people – which is not the case here, at least he has some skills!

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