The Peace Mole: Light Into Darkness

I don’t usually do political poems, but this one came out quite spontaneously from an animal prompt exercise and seems to be very well suited to the topic of ‘Light into Darkness’ over at dVerse Poets Pub today. (copyright see above)

Perhaps peace requires blindness:

even for that brief interlude of cease-fire.

Swollen eyes peering

amazed at light,

at the velvet quiet.

Perhaps the mole is right to bury so deeply

small treasures: cleft bones, mossy stones,

carrot ends collected overground.

Anything to remind him of better days.

He will build new tunnels

when the first collapse.

He can feel the silt build up in daily doses.

His cartoon-pencil nose-tip amuses and disarms.

But even the harmless,

shy of cunning,

cannot survive – again, once more –

the promise of peace talks.

Yet they must

believe and dig,

again and once more.



23 thoughts on “The Peace Mole: Light Into Darkness”

  1. Such a tender and hurting metaphor here — how vulnerable, how doomed peace talks are — and yet, how necessary: And yes, still how close to the light. Really great work here.

  2. Wonderful take on the prompt…it’s a lot easier if you are a true mole, I think…he doesn’t ask any questions, relies on instinct…I so hope this will come to a peaceful end at some point, sooner rather than later.

  3. Perhaps another word for refusing to acknowledge or participate in something is a “scotoma”, more precisely a blind spot. Human nature has its drawbacks; nationalism, imperialism are 2 of them. Love the mole metaphor; your prompt take is very creative.

  4. Great metaphor. In this case, blindness would be a blessing. I wish we could stay blind long enough to talk, then see that war does not bring resolution. Glad you wrote about this.

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