Friday Fun: Reading Nooks

Another week of school and it has felt like three weeks in one! And that’s just for me, the mother, let alone for the poor boys. While we still struggle to get into something resembling a normal routine, here are some pictures to help us dream of getting organised.

A ladder, a ladder, because any self-respecting library has got to have one, right?

For those long, blissful soaks… Just make sure you don’t drop your book in the bathtub!

If you need to get away from your guests, here’s reading nook with a view in your dream house in Estonia…


14 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Reading Nooks”

  1. Oh, these are all wonderful, Marina Sofia! I couldn’t possibly decide among them. But if forced….. I do love that combination library/office from designsfresh – with the ladder. Ah, heaven…

  2. Oh I love the first one as well! I hope everything goes back to normal as soon as possible. I am an adult and the going-back-to-school routine is being incredibly difficult for me as well this year, I can’t imagine your poor boys!

      1. Oh wow. My parents decided to make us do ours on Friday evenings when we were little, but it worked for a really short time. I always chose to do them on Sundays and well, the routine has stayed with me until now!

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