Friday Fun: Time for Some Chateaux Again!

I know you’ve all missed my ever-so-useful posts about acquiring the chateau of your dreams in France or thereabouts. Fear not: I’ve continued avidly collecting information and pictures (my future as an estate agent seems secure!).

Chateau in Figeac, right about in the middle of France.
Chateau in Figeac, right about in the middle of nowhere. Sorry, I mean France.
Same property as above. I'd be content with this little outhouse!
Same property as above. I’d be content with this little outhouse!
Chateau in Rochechouart, Limousin, near a famous crater. No, it won’t fall in!
Inside the Rochechouart castle, you can find all the medieval comforts you might expect...
Inside the Rochechouart castle, you can find all the medieval comforts you might expect…
... and a few you might not. I would die for that library!
… and a few modern ones you might not. I would die for that library!
Price available on request – need not apply if you have less than 21 million euros at your disposal!

And, finally, one that is not for sale. It’s been converted into a hotel and restaurant, it’s not that far away from where I currently live… so I still dream of having a civilised supper with friends on the terrace at some point…

Chateau de Divonne.
Chateau de Divonne,
Credits for all of the pictures above, excepting Divonne, is from the property website



25 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Time for Some Chateaux Again!”

    1. You do know that I’m planning to get a chateau with a vineyard at some point? I’d run my courses there and serve my wine to a captive audience who’ll have to be polite about it…

  1. Oh, my, Marina Sofia! These are absolutely lovely! I’ll arrange with my bank for the financing, and you and your agency should hear from them soon about that Rochechouart property. I think I can be prepared to move in in just a couple of months. Hey, a girl can dream! 😉

    1. Mind you, the current owner may want to take their own books – but I’m sure you should have no problem filling up the bookshelves with your own books, right?

  2. Gorgeous pictures. That library is breathtaking.

    I’ve been to Divonne but you know you and me don’t live far from each other.

  3. While I am in France, my library is nothing like this one. If I had this library, I might never get out… It gives new meaning to my poem posted yesterday… 🙂

      1. Without a doubt! However, it is so gorgeous here and I do love exploring it all. It gives me lots of material for both blogs. The one you have seen and the poetry blog… C’est la vie!

        1. Whereabouts in France are you based? Found the link to your poetry blog too now – as you might have noticed, am very keen on poetry!

        2. I am in the south with Narbonne being the closest city. However, you could draw a triangle between Narbonne, Perpignan and Carcassonne. You would find me near the center of that! Where are you?
          Yes, I noticed your poetry and read a few. I shall be back! I shall have to thank Polly Robinson for sending me over. 😉

        3. It sounds lovely but too cold for me. Yes, this is paradise! For me, it is important to be near the sea and I am only minutes away.
          As for the tourists, we get them year around because we are on the route de Cathars. I want to keep exploring France but don’t want to live anywhere but here. Have you spent any time here?

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