Poem: Love of Music

Music-Note-Coloring-Pages-For-KidsAnthony at dVerse Poets Pub has us talking about music being the food of love,  and urging us to play on. Who am I to disagree? Musicality, rhythm, sound is all-important to me in poetry – when I read the poetry of others or when I write my own.




When you were mine I took you for granted.

I lost you and never noticed you had gone.

My desk, my car, my home bathed in silence –

I believed them calm. I thought I relished the peace.

Then one day I wandered by chance to a small room

cloudy with sweat, bulging with smoke, but a space

where you were revered

uttered with honey-dripped tongue

encased in love-laden arms.

No more passing by in deafness.

You unleashed yourself against my ears

entered my pulse

forged new pathways in my limited world.

29 thoughts on “Poem: Love of Music”

  1. hopefully the return to each other there in the end is for the best…a bit of mod fairy tale…of second chances…the first part, not knowing what you have til its gone…well that is the music of many a song…

  2. Yes! That’s just what a real reunion is like, Marina Sofia! You’ve nailed it beautifully! I know just what you mean about music too. I’ve found that I can’t help it; it’s in me.

    1. I don’t listen nearly as much to music now as I used to. Partly because my children now have their own preferences in the car, and also because I find it difficult to work with music in the background (something I used to do all the time in my teens and 20s).

  3. Some folks need depravation to induce insight; like those folks who try to escape all media for set times; lounging in silence–no TV, smart phones, electronic notebooks, lap tops, computers, radios–just books, paper, binders, ink, words, flights of fancy, like a mental colonic; this was a cool & unique twist on the prompt.

    1. We can’t help but put our own experiences, our own personal stuff into our interpretation of poems – that’s why a poem is so different for each reader. I hear you, I can understand.

  4. i truly lose music for seven long years.. and finally sight ..hearing.. and finally words…

    and one day..

    the musicK in magicK of life comes back..

    musicK inspires life back


    Alive is musicK and so…


  5. if someone enters that limited world of ours – and for each of us it’s limited – what magic – and the people who seem most different bring the biggest joy…

  6. “You unleashed yourself against my ears

    entered my pulse

    forged new pathways in my limited world.”

    Love the effect that you create – indeed some singers have that effect on me the same way. Glad you could join…

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