Friday Fun: Artists’ Studios

As writers, we may be able to write in a bustling café, on a crowded kitchen table, in a cave with poor lighting, even in the shower with the right tools . But if we did have an artists’ studio, with perfect lighting, wouldn’t we be able to write even better?

Simon Starling, from the Independent.
Simon Starling, from the Independent.


Studio for wildlife illustrator, Chander Construction.
Georgie Wolton's studio,
Georgie Wolton’s studio,
Josh Keyes studio,
Josh Keyes studio,

Bonus point: all those paintings/illustrations/pictures are really inspiring! But perhaps, after a while, you just get so used to them hanging around on your walls that you no longer see them. Over at dVerse Poets, Björn has us re-examining the familiar, disassociating ourselves from it, so that we can see it with fresh eyes once more. I’ve chosen the third of Tolstoy’s techniques  – use of dialect or a foreign language – to create this sense of ‘strangeness’.

Tablouri, desene, întinse pe jos,

pe pereţi, o dezordine în care nu găseşti

şi nu gândeşti


decit inspiraţie.

Nani? Hontoo?

Bitte schwätz langsamer…

(Just playing around in Romanian, Japanese and Swiss German. Translation is roughly: Paintings, sketches, scattered on floors, on the walls, a mess in which you can find and think nothing but inspiration. What? Really? Please talk more slowly…)

29 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Artists’ Studios”

  1. I love the light coming from the glass roof in #3! We have lots of 19C buildings with artists’ ateliers and large glass panels on top floors in our neighborhood, I always look at those with envy (but I console myself thinking that their heating bill must be sky-high and they’ll never get those windows clean).

  2. I’d love my own den to write in (I share an office and a partners’ desk with my husband; my writing friends are astonished I get anything done). An artist’s studio would fit the bill nicely and imagine the inspiration you’d get from those paintings! Like you, though, I do wonder if the novelty would wear off after a while.

  3. Marina Sofia – Oh, those studies look great! I want the wildlife illustrator’s one especially. And your poem is an interesting take the whole use of space for creation – I like it!

  4. This is such an inspiration, Marina! To have a studio is itself a 50% head start in the sub-conscious to start painting. Georgie’s is cool and clear. It provides the pull factor to go forward! Thanks for sharing!


  5. haha… of course i love the inclusion of swiss german here… and i dunno if a nice studio makes someone a better artist… i prefer writing in a cafe or a tram stop to writing in a studio just on my own…

    1. Ah, but to my procrastinating self, it’s a great balm… if only I had such a place… if only I had more time… if only everything were perfect in my life… then just imagine the masterpieces I might produce!

  6. Like Claudia, I do not own a studio either but like to write or sketch wherever I am. I enjoyed the photos though. I only understood the Swiss German so thank you for the translation.

  7. i usually jump ‘write’ to the pictures and the first thing i thought was OMG that’s all your house.. and you must have an incredibly BUSY MIND..:)

    AND yes.. we humans can be so silly collecting so many things and forgetting we have them until we lose them….

    It’s so much easier not to have them.. as the Zen folks say..:)

    1. Ah, I wish it were all my house… but yes, I find myself even taking the gorgeous mountain views for granted on some days. Until they go missing in cloud and fog for a week or so – then I appreciate them anew!

  8. Well you took on the foreign language challenge brilliantly. I shall memorize the last line in case I EVER finally get to go to Germany! I love listening to the sounds I made up for the words and appreciate their translation – a brilliant crafty answer to the prompt!

  9. Top pic reminded me of my PC desk, a desk with handy shelves to clutter up with books, scraps of thoughts and suchlike.

    I live clutter – unless I am try to locate something…

    Anna :o]

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