Double Dare TBR Challenge

It may seem a bit early to be planning ahead for 2015…

Thank you to Annabel for making me aware of this ‘dare’ and to James for initiating this eminently sensible initiative. It’s very simple: you read only from your TBR pile from January 1st through to April 1st 2015. You can make exceptions for book clubs, review copies you have been sent and other such things.

Small selection of TBR...
Small selection of TBR…

There are circumstances which force me into this early decision…

Because I have 8 unread books on my husband’s Kindle (back from the days when I thought I could do without e-books – in 2012).

Because I have 125 books on my tablet – not counting poetry collections and single short stories/ odd bits and pieces that remain undefinable.

Because I have 52 books on my shelves that I have not touched yet. Or rather,I’ve opened them to inhale their aroma, stroke their smooth pages and lovingly stare at the title page, but not started reading anything more than the first couple of sentences.

Plus a few book orders that are winging their way to me as we speak.

So, that means a total of at least 185 books – more than I read in all of 2014 – before I even take into account the review copies I am likely to get as I continue contributing to the Crime Fiction Lover website, the impulse loans from the library and succumbing to any buying temptations. The library impulse, by the way, is not quite as haphazard as it seems, as I tend to walk in with a list of authors based on the long, long wishlist I have on Goodreads – which has become my notepad so that I don’t go in asking for a ‘book about a family somewhere in the south of France in an old crumbling house…’. If I don’t find the authors I am looking for that day, I usually leave with a lucky dip loan anyway.

As for that notorious wishlist, do you want to know how many books are currently on it? 506! No sniggering at the back, thank you very much. After all, it’s your fault, you lovely people on blogs and Twitter, that I add daily to that list.

So, come on, I dare you to join in the sanity! Your TBR piles will thank you for it!


32 thoughts on “Double Dare TBR Challenge”

  1. I definitely want to try and work my way through my TBR before I buy any more books. It’s grown exponentially this year. I saw the poet Jo Bell was having a ‘library book only’ year in 2014 which I thought was a good idea. I read reviews or recommendations and then head over to my online bookshop of choice and spend more money than I should. TBR pile…I have you in my sights !

    1. Exactly, it’s just far too easy to buy something online if you like the sound/look of it (especially since I’m limited in the choice of English language books over here – and they are very expensive when they are available).

    1. I know what you mean! I’m cutting down on my reviewing – unsolicited ARCs will be dealt with as and when and if, and I probably won’t do more than 1-2 official reviews per month.

  2. Interesting dare! Impulse control is a bit of an issue for me , so I will take you up on it! I have a similar TBR pile, having just spend a fabulous 5 days haunting the Montreal Book Fair plus whatever was already around (paper, tablet and Kobo). My additional challenge is balancing my reading between the English, French and Spanish piles!

    1. Ah, book fairs are a disaster… hope there are none around those first 3 months of the year, although Lyon’s Quais du Polar is at the end of March in 2015…

  3. What a great challenge, Marina Sofia! I’ll be really interested to see your reviews as you complete it. And no sniggering from here; you should see my own TBR…

  4. I’m not sure I can sign up because of Shiny New Books (yes, Annabel is a marvel, but I’m only human 🙂 ). But it’s a wonderful challenge and one I, ahem, really ought to consider, given the state of my shelves…

  5. Good luck! I’ve always loved the idea of this, but thought I’d struggle, because I love my visits to the library. But, with library hours cut so that I can’t get there often, maybe this time ….

    1. Yes, after I posted that, I realised I’d forgotten to mention the graphic novels, library books, books on my laptop… I seem to be able to squirrel some just about anywhere… 200 is probably closer to the truth – but an underestimate.

  6. Thank goodness! You’ve made me feel not quite so bad (I don’t even DARE count mine!) And I like your pile, as it is a proper “pile”, like mine beside my bed, rather than neatly filed in a bookcase (I’m not even going to mention the living room, or, worst of all, the dining area in the kitchen)…I think I’ll have to give this challenge a bash. And if these books that you feel you really want are still in your head on April 1st, then I guess you can buy them. But often, unless I put them on my Wish List, I forget all about them!

    1. I was petrified with horror at the thought of counting them, but this Dare really motivated me to do it. And I do have some of them on the bookshelves (double-layered, of course), on my bedside table (those tend to be the library books though) and everywhere else…

  7. I love that stack of to be read books. I have boxes and boxes of unread books plus bookshelves. I am doing this challenge too. I did it last year and I loved it.

    1. Oh, good, the more the merrier! I used to be really good about not buying books I wouldn’t read within a few weeks of buying… but it seems I’ve acquired a greediness gene somewhere along the line… or a fear of missing out.

  8. Good luck with your plan, Marina. I want to do something to address my TBR next year, but I’m still considering what might work best for me. My biggest issue is running off to buy books on the back of bloggers’ reviews (yours included!). I’m considering a ‘no book buying’ period, not sure how long yet…I need to have a proper think about it.

  9. I’m with you on that one. I’ve been doing it almost all along 2014 and I have to keel doing it to decrease the TBR.
    I’ll make an exception for my Didion readalong with Jacqui in April.

    1. Fingers in ears, la, la, la – I didn’t hear that about a Didion readalong… too tempting! Mind you, April is already past the actual Dare dates that James proposes, so you can sort of justify it.

  10. Well only a tiny snigger from me! I do sympathise as my TBR is out of control too but my weakness is around requesting books to review which then fills most of my reading time so that is where I need to exercise more control in 2015. Good luck with your double dare!

    1. Yes, I’m a disaster on Netgalley and Edelweiss too – just can’t resist requesting another and another… Then I feel pressured to read them first, so I never get around to the ones I’ve been meaning to read forever.

  11. Good luck!

    1) know I can’t be disciplined for three months, but I do like having a numeric goal (get through 10 books from my shelves, for example).
    2) I tend to lose track of stuff on my Kindle, which doesn’t help, and I’m glad I’m not the only person who has that problem.
    3) Thank you for reminding me to look at my LibraryThing wishlist. If I spend a little time with it, I bet I could eliminate quite a few titles I’m no longer interested in.

    1. Yes, I’m not sure the time limit will work for me – and a goal like ‘get through X amount of books off my shelves’ might make more sense. Well, we’ll see. I’m setting off with great expectations… and may end up with the old curiosity shop…

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