Open Link Night: Fragmented Poetry

I’ve not been feeling very inspired to write poetry lately, so it’s been just the odd line or fragment which I’ve jotted down. So, with apologies for the very rough nature of this poetry, here is my contribution to Open Link Night over at dVerse Poets Pub. For far better poetry than this, please check out the other contributions there.

There’s a reason to this rhyming

and a pattern to my longing

if only I could uncover it.

* * *

I don’t want you to be as you were at the start.

I want you to be like you never were

the spark I thought I caught in you.

* * *

20140824_114824In the midst of this scorched landscape

infected pools simmer.

There are rare pockets of days that have not

had sunlight drained out,

days when I can sit on a terrace

with a coffee made by someone else

and think of ceramic exhibitions

without using cracked glaze as a metaphor.

* * *

Can this be the end

if it’s of something which never was?

You never promised me a rose garden but

I thought all that scrabbling around in dirt

would lead to some flowerful weeds along the way.


26 thoughts on “Open Link Night: Fragmented Poetry”

  1. I especially liked the first and last stanza, Marina Sofia. I feel like the way you expressed in the first stanza oftentimes when I sit down to write….if only I could uncover what it was I was trying to say. As for the last stanza, for sure, if there is no ‘rose garden’ it would be nice if there was beauty in the ‘weeds.’

    1. I remember a poet telling me once that you have to allow your poem to surprise you – if you know exactly what you are trying to say, you are not going deep enough into yourself.

  2. Marina Sofia – I love the way you capture that feeling of wanting to uncover one’s own motives in the first stanza. And the second is so eloquent. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. I like how the first stanza draws us into your poem, MarinaSofia. You have created an atmosphere through your imagery and the use of a mysterious ‘you’.

    1. Yes, there is something in the incoherence, in the half-spoken, you are so right… but it’s when we manage to polish without losing the raw emotion that we have poetry…

  4. smiles…at least some flowering weeds…i have been feeling the same of late…wondering at the point of it all…as if there is a point…i dont want fame and i really dont want a book…but i would love to catch the fire i once had…

    1. I try to look at it in the long term… and sometimes you have less ‘fertile’ periods and sometimes it’s more down than up… but it’s hard to view this as a pattern when you’re stuck in the middle of it.

  5. “What’s it all about?” & “Why am I here & what am I supposed to accomplish?” & “Who really cares?” are a few entries served up by our ID quite often; your fragments do fit together though; really liked the flow of it; had me at /I want you to be as you never were/the spark I thought I caught in you/.

  6. I find it worked well together–a bit of mourning a lost relationship interspersed with stream-of-consciousness thinking. For me it’s like my thought processes–a major topic interrupted with whatever else is going on about me. (Like a woodpecker outside that I hope is not destroying our house!)

  7. I really was drawn to the last stanza, especially the lines of flowerful weeds. I wanted a little more to come somehow, that this isn’t just it.

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