Friday Fun: Booktown in Norway

As if I needed any more reasons to love Norway, its landscapes and people, I’ve recently come across this delightful booktown in the Norwegian fjords. It is situated in Mundal, in the centre of Fjærland, somewhere between Bergen and Trondheim, and consists of various second-hand bookshops, open every day 1 May – 21 September. Online and telephone purchases are possible throughout the year.

Having spent a holiday with bookish friends in Hay on Wye a long time ago (and enjoyed every minute of it), I think this sounds like a perfect holiday destination.

Image - Book Town. Bookshop in Fjaerland, Sogndal, Norway.

From Flickr.
From Flickr.
From The Guardian.
From The Guardian.

One more reason to visit Norway, methinks!


21 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Booktown in Norway”

  1. Absolutely lovely, Marina Sofia! Thanks very much for sharing. Now I’m tempted to start making arrangements…

    1. I’ve done that before in Japan! Went in summer and survived on just 2 changes of clothes and brought back a suitcase full of books. Mind you, Japanese books are small and light.

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