Breaking the Rules

Over at dVerse Poets, Brian has transformed us all into rebels, cat burglars and revolutionaries. What does he want us to do? Nothing less than break all the rules, say goodbye to convention and ‘improve’ poetic forms. So, since I haven’t had much sleep over the past few days, I will stick to a brief form, an old favourite of mine: the haiku. See what I’ve done below? Snow melts so quickly that my last verse only has 3 syllables instead of 5. Describing the frustration of this snowless, skiless winter, which only brings on blizzardy snow when I have a five-hour drive ahead of me.


Because we’ve waited

Till every last snow cloud passed.

Now melting…




33 thoughts on “Breaking the Rules”

  1. ha – the end melting away… that is a cool idea… and yeah… i wish we had a bit snow… we had some after christmas but it didn’t stay…

    1. Bah on the disagree-ers. I am anal about haiku and wish I did it better. This to me was good and I liked it a lot. Short, to the point, said it all and more.

  2. oh I am so excited…we are supposed to get 2-4 inches this weekend finally….when we got a skiff last week, my son wanted to snow board but it was enough to do nothing…lol….

  3. Apparently we had snow here last week … but I was on Madeira, so I missed it 😦 Never mind, it is only January; plenty of time yet.

    Nice play on the haiku – although there is a huge debate about how many syllables English language haiku should have in the lines, so some people would argue that you haven’t broken the form at all …

    1. The more classical haiku/tanks I read, the more I realise how the poets played around with the rules. As for the English language – you try writing a haiku in French or Romanian or Italian! Too many polysyllabic words!

  4. Kudos for the fun, the courage to post one thing, a melted haiku; like Brian’s 10 word form, like the #sixwords form on Twitter, stolen from Hemingway “for sale, infant’s shoes, never worn”. I chose the Haibun, inserting Lune over haiku, elongating the prose, as you read; thanks for the stop over.

    1. Don’t know if it was courage or laziness or lack of time! I was stiff and tired yesterday after my tense drive through the snow, so that’s all I could come up with! You have the absolute opposite approach to me, Glenn, which is just so interesting. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy reading your work so much.

  5. Oh, Marina Sofia, that captures that frustration so well! I admire the way you’ve played with the form, too. Brilliant!

  6. There is a certain breed of avatars in the virtual world, Second Life, called Tinies.

    They are, of course, Tiny, and are a variety of ultra-cute little animals.

    Every Monday they hold a Poetry Slam.

    One of their best-loved forms is the Pawku:

    Just like a Haiku but do ignore all the rules and be sure to add lots of Silly 🙂

  7. We’ve had no precipitation here or in Reno but now it’s supposed to rain on Tuesday–the day my golf league has the biggest event of the year planned. Go figure. Love what you did with this.

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