Friday Fun: A Reading Nook A Day…

… keeps the winter gloom and the doctor away!

Something for all tastes, from this rather grand office in Rome…

Architectural Digest.
Architectural Digest

… to the smallest room of the house.

Domaine Home
Domaine Home

And everything in between.

The room above looks only slightly wider than my study, so this gives me ideas…

Authors by Moonlight.
Authors by Moonlight.

Where can I get the views to go with this reading nook?

Better still, let’s just convert the whole house into one big reading nook-area.

Bookshelf Bliss
Bookshelf Bliss



19 thoughts on “Friday Fun: A Reading Nook A Day…”

  1. Just for a second I thought these were all in your house! I think I need a nook. More specifically, I need that particular nook with that particular tree outside the window.

  2. Marina Sofia – Those are incredibly appealing reading nooks! I love them. That window seat is fabulous!

  3. I’ve been dreaming of adding built-in shelving on a side of my living room, with drawers for DVD and CD, and things I prefer to hide on the bottom, a space for the flat-screen TV, and lots of bookshelf-space. I have been envisioning keeping the top shelves for large colorful vases…. Write now, the area is just filled with a riot of mismatched IKEA pieces. Still looks like a student’s place!

    1. Ah, yes, the combination of books and vases, sculptures or other artwork is so appealing… unfortunately, by the time I put all of my books on the shelves there isn’t much room left for art!

  4. I was going to try to pick one of my favorites. I can’t, although that window seat one is very tempting. Granted, I’m not certain if I would read there or sleep, but it looks beautiful.

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