New Poetry Form

Over at dVerse Poets Pub, the friendliest poetry hangout in town, Tony invites us to explore a new poetic form – as yet nameless. It is based on the American cinquain, but with a few additional syllables. The result is a five-line poem with lines of 3, 5, 7, 9 and 3 syllables in that order. A good way to get unstuck from the current poetic silence that seems to be governing my writing life! And the name I suggest for this poetic form? Topolino, because it reminds me of the original Fiat 500 – small, compact, economical.


Sunset glow

on weary snow peaks:

the further we go, the more

depth to fall, shores to conquer, tremble…

Just now: glow.


31 thoughts on “New Poetry Form”

  1. I like your use of this form a lot, Marina Sofia! And it captures beautifully the balance between moving on with life’s learnings, etc., and at the same time appreciating the ‘now.’

  2. Love the contrast between what lies ahead and what there is in this moment; these shorter forms are great for simply catching the moment because you don’t have room to do much more than that.

    Thanks for joining in … smiles

    1. And yet it’s better suited to the English language than a haiku, so it has a bit of space to breathe… Thanks for the inspiration – it’s the first new poem I’ve written in a long, long while.

  3. just enjoy the glow for the moment…and fear not the fall….we all fall….smiles….the colon to glow gives this a cool effect as well, making it stand apart there in the end….

  4. Terrific use of the Maude Cinquain; evocative, rich, emotional, philosophical; enjoyed it a lot. In this case, one (cinquain) is not a lonely number; it is just right.

    1. Thanks for putting a positive spin on things, as usual. It was actually the fact I couldn’t think of another cinquainette or Topolino or Maude cinquain.

  5. I must say… love the name Topolino! This piece of gentle poetry fits the photograph to a T… is photography a second talent of yours alongside poetry writing? ❤

    1. I wish! Actually, I was looking for a better picture I have somewhere of sunset colouring Mont Blanc in pink, but couldn’t find it, so made do with the Jura. I’m just blessed to be living in this beautiful area.

      1. Oh you are lucky to be living in such a beautiful environment! I live in Hong Kong where the mountains are a background behind the yellow cranes of construction.. hahas 😛

        1. A friend of mine from here may be moving there for her husband’s job. He’s keen, she’s less so. I’ve heard it’s a great place to visit, though.

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