Friday Fun: Fitting Books into Awkward Spaces

You know my motto: there’s always room for a bookshelf or three. But what if your home simply refuses to cooperate? Fear not, the Bookshelf Doctor is here with some imaginative solutions for all those awkward spaces!

Oversized staircase getting you down (or up, as the case may be)? Rather than keeping your vacuum cleaner and spare suitcases in there, make it a book haven. Some of those ornaments may just have to go, though.

Narrow hallway threatening to close you in? Stuff your boots and brollies under the bench, then sit down and enjoy your wall-to-wall covering of books and magazines.


Need a decorative item for the living room, to disguise your book-binging habits? Make it look effortless and minimalistic with this floating shelf.

Oddly-shaped space between windows? Don’t hide it! Draw attention to it with a vividly-coloured bookshelf and a picture of the villa of your dreams.

From Huffington Post.
From Huffington Post.

Living in an old manor house with beams? Try…

Nah, if you live in this manor house and have matchy-matchy book covers, you can probably afford to have a custom-made bookshelf built for you.

Happy weekend reading, everyone, and see you after I come back from here.








12 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Fitting Books into Awkward Spaces”

    1. I might not take them on the piste – although there is an ‘extreme reading’ challenge for my son at school – but I’ll certainly have a few in my suitcase!

  1. Oh, enjoy your trip, Marina Sofia!!! Meanwhile, I’ll be exploring that delightful book-filled staircase… πŸ™‚

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