Letter from the Future

I wish I could tell you it’s all sunshine.

But you’d never believe or take joy in that.

You need cloud cover to hide the pockmarks on your path.


You should be here.


You should see

how all you feared came to pass


and you lived anyway.


How lessons took too long to be learnt

smarted with salt-rub on blistered skin

then washed in emulsion of sepia tints.


You should if you could…

but you wouldn’t and you won’t…

keep your eyes unfocused, looking beyond the prize,

capture all the slapdash details

which add up to a beautiful life.



Over at dVerse Poets Pub tonight, we are imagining receiving a letter or poem from our future self. What will we know/have learnt/be willing to share? What does the future look like?

36 thoughts on “Letter from the Future”

  1. Marina Sofia – I really love that sentiment! Those things that we fear, and that sometimes actually come to pass can freeze us into immobility if we let them direct our futures. This is really well-done!

  2. smiles…dont you love how all those slapdash details add up to a beautiful life….actually i rather like the realization that all your fears came to be,
    but that you lived on regardless….

  3. Ah, yes, so true I think that anyone who sends a letter to the past would let those who live afterwards know that no way was it all sunshine….but one can make it through, one day at a time, despite the realization of so many things that one feared. I like this personal perspective, Marina Sofia.

  4. You should see

    how all you feared came to pass

    and you lived anyway. love those lines… then going into these

    You should if you could…

    but you wouldn’t and you won’t… seems future you knows fear was an avid driver at a point in your life as it is for many… I can relate; I used to have a huge fear of stuttering and it paralyzed me for a long time… not so much anymore, but it’s something how we create these big and scary the monsters in our heads, and they actually start to have power over us…

  5. in a way it’s tough when we find out that all our fears came to be – on the other hand – it mattered that we lived life as best as we could with all the mistakes and everything along the way

  6. Love the originality & intent of this line:
    You need cloud cover to hide the pockmarks on your path.

  7. Do not fear the ‘too personal’, MarinaSofia. I think any writer has to blend the personal and the universal to touch others. All it takes is to find the right equilibrium!
    “You should see / how all you feared came to pass /and you lived anyway.” My favorite lines. Probably because I can relate so well.

    1. Thank you, Gabriella – I think I’ve had it drummed into me to avoid being a ‘confessional poet’ at all costs, so that’s why I shy away from the personal. But of course it always seeps through in some way…

  8. This line strongly resonated with me:

    how all you feared came to pass

    If only that is true, it is very reassuring to know ~ And a beautiful life is not all sunshine ~

  9. I love this, especially “you need cloud cover to hide the pockmarks on your path.” Love, too, how our worst fears have come to pass, as they likely will……but that you close with our only possible (viable) response – to make as beautiful a life as we can.

  10. A lot of assurance….you lived anyway. It reminds me of something an old lover said to me years ago….accept your death as a given and you will be freed to be totally alive. In spite of all, beauty and a beautiful life. I like your take on the future very much. And with the sunshine, we get shadows.

    1. Ah, but there’s so much to chain and enslave you on the path to death… a life well lived is still important. Interesting thoughts, though, I can feel another poem coming along…

  11. “You should if you could…/but you wouldn’t and you won’t…” I think you and I share the same cynicism of humanity, and how, even if/when we know how to change our behaviours to create a better future, we don’t.

  12. This makes me consider how we need to be more focused on our present life, our present moments and live them fully. Good thoughts here.

  13. Ah.. the big picture of beauty IN heaven now.. lost in the devil of details of illusion of real…

    If i can go back and tell myself something in my younger years.. the first thing WiLL be to TURN THE TV OFF…

    AND probably not as hard.. with only three black and whites then…;)

    But oh.. so much harder without a fearless dance of life.. at anytime now or then..:)

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