Jousting for Attention

Walk up, walk up, fair knights and ladies! Meeting in battle today for the first time ever are two poems of very different composure, manner and attire. The first, inspired by a verse from a ballad by that incomparable bard Sir Timothy of Br’ian, is serious and moody. A knight of darkness, riding to the rescue of damsels in distress. The second jumped fresh as a daisy from a line from Lady Claudia’s Book of Adventurous Deeds: sweet, rambunctious and all white fluffiness. They are competing here for your favours. Which one will get your vote?



1) One day you stop filling in cracks

with smiles, guts and vapour.

One day the paint becomes too heavy for the wall.

One night your eyes unblink in reddened wakefulness

and never come to rest again.

One morning your boots start walking all by themselves.


2)  Time is a thin line on a cat’s back.

When you most want to tickle it awake

and grab it by its fleeting softness,

it scampers away in offended silence.

Yet when you blissfully ignore,

pace forth in multitasking skullduggery,

reluctant to waste a drop…

it curls into a placid ball

and purrs contentment into your impatient lap.


These two poems are in response to our ‘medievally themed’ week at dVerse Poets Pub, where we are bidding fond farewell (but not adieu) to Claudia and Brian, our founding parents. Do come over and join the celebrations! [I have marked the lines from their poems in italics.]

Brian claudia

36 thoughts on “Jousting for Attention”

  1. Good lines in the first one, Marina Sofia. One day a person’s boots just know it is time to walk.

    Enjoyed the second one as well. Yes, sometimes time CAN be elusive, but other times it rests peacefully and resists movement at all!

  2. ha. i probably dsturb the cat far too much…especially when it is curled into that ball all content…its just too enticing…it makes for a cool extended metaphor as well for time…

    ah, hopefully i never get to the point i can not rest….my boots just carrying me on the farther…a ghost in my own life…

  3. hey… that boots thing… happens to me all the time… somedays i wanna force them to stop as it can be so tiring but then… it’s their fault that i’m writing these lines from a little town near munich where the wind has blown me… smiles

  4. These are both really effective depictions. The second is an absolutely pitch-perfect description of the way time works. I wouldn’t have thought to compare it to a cat, but it works that way. And the first..well, I think we’ve all had the feeling of our boots walking.

  5. ugh, time is like a cat… when I want to rush and play with the hands, moving them forward, it’s stubborn and makes me wait even longer… but when I’m chill and in the moment, that’s when it wants to play with me, aka going by even quicker… ha. this is a great write… never thought about how much cats and time have in common…

  6. Both unique offerings Marina ~ I am smiling at the boots walking by themselves at the first ~ And yes, time can passing quickly like a curled cat in your impatient lap ~

  7. I enjoyed both poems muchly! I know that feeling of the books walking by themselves…I swear they do. A very deft and poetic touch with both poems. I am so glad you used both because they are both so excellent.

  8. These are both terrific! Being a cat person, perhaps I have a very slight preference fort the second, but there’s little to choose between them.

  9. Excellent postulations in response to both. I especially enjoyed expanding the cat as time metaphor – completely different from my metaphoric take away from those lines. And you did as well with Brian’s. Very clever, very cogent, excellent poems.

  10. I, too enjoyed them both, but the first one is my fave; love the last line /one morning your boots start walking all by themselves/. You also used a line from both; gosh, the tally doubles often.

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