Don’t Believe Me? Just Watch!

It’s on every radio station I seem to switch on: Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars singing ‘Uptown Funk’. I’d heard this catchy song before, enjoyed the cheeky video, but in February it became part of the soundtrack of my life.

It was the music blaring out of the loudspeakers as my children came skiing down the slopes with shiny badges and faces to match. It was the last song on my car radio before I had my fateful meeting with a literary agent and editor. It was the song I heard just before I embarked upon a challenging training course with a difficult client. And, in each case, the outcome was as happy and snappy as the song itself. So it has become my ‘good luck token’. Think I’m all bark and no bite, all dreams and nought to back it up? Just you watch!

So it made my day to see Michelle Obama dancing to it on Ellen:

Sometimes you just need to prove them all wrong. Have a lovely weekend and don’t give up on your ambitions!



11 thoughts on “Don’t Believe Me? Just Watch!”

  1. MarinaSofia – I’m not superstitious, but those good luck tokens alter our frames of thinking and our attitudes. And that, I think, affects the way we go into life. So I’m not surprised at all at that song’s connection to things in your life. And if it makes you feel positive and upbeat, that’s what matters.

    1. Congratulations on your dreams coming true! That song and video are staples in my writing soundtrack and consistently supply smiles and energy. Your post brought smiles too with all the positivity you connected to the music. I believe you … and will be watching. Oooo!

  2. I’ve NEVER heard this song. For someone who used to follow the charts obsessively, it’s changed days. So I will remedy it. I like Mark Ronson…but Bruno Mars – not so keen…

    1. Ah, clearly you don’t listen to radio in your car – whenever I switch any radio station on, they seem to be playing this song… so I just choose to believe they are playing it especially to encourage me! Just goes to show that it doesn’t always have to be a song you really like or a singer you admire that provides that positive vibe.

  3. Whenever I hear one of the Beatles early songs on the radio I know it’s going to be a good day. Particularly “Here Comes the Sun.” Best of luck with the agent, editor, etc! jan

  4. I really like this song but that’s a secret. It’s played all the time by my teenage daughter and my partner – however if it’s just me in car I’m happy to do a bit of traffic light dancing to this! It’s great that it’s been a good omen – may your luck with it last as long as my secret dad-dancing!

      1. Glad not only one! Mind you on days when I’m really being an annoying Dad, my daughter would agree with your last sentence but remove words ‘dancing anymore either’!!!!!

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