To all heads of department who’ve never raised their brow above the parapet

The art of dialogue is not hard to master:

you shout top-voice above prevailing storms.

The fittest lungs pierce lint-fuzzed matter.

Your ground-hugging pessimism forever warns

them off fangling a-new what has not worked in the past.

It’s this storming of brains got us in a mess in first place!

Time to rant, hone your leadership skills and craft.

Mind not the barbarians nor bigots at the gates.

Good luck, hugs, in fellowship,

your HR team, who’ve taken refuge ashore.

What? Don’t you like the cut of our jib?


We are reviving the lost art of letter writing over at dVerse Poets. Mine is a tongue-in-cheek corporate newsletter, ostensibly asking for leadership courage. But we all know what that means in corporate speak…


21 thoughts on “To all heads of department who’ve never raised their brow above the parapet”

    1. Ha, I have some insider knowledge, having worked in HR departments – and some sympathy for them, as they’re usually between a rock and a hard place.

  1. Clever, humorous, yet full of verbal jabs, & punctual punches. I spent 30 years in civil service, & shied away from any administrative role, for many of the reasons you implied; the rock & the hard place in government environments is real, & I was always too much of a loose cannon, too outspoken to become a corporate mouthpiece; loved your poem.

  2. Amen, sister. I was in middle management a lot in my nursing career. I used to think that the decision makers must have gathered in their board rooms to smoke dope. It’s so frustrating when they have no idea what you’re dealing with at the local level.

  3. OH GOD.. this brings back the memory of a very ‘efficient’ director of department operations.. when 911 goes down in the middle of a manger’s meeting.. and he just says we’ve got business to
    take care of.. there’s probably going to be more attacks to come..

    Ugh.. when you just know.. a heart.. a soul.. a spirit


    And then I know I better get out soon.. or i will
    be dead

    And truly that eventually did happen to

    alive as dead.

  4. I’m thankful the corporate world is unfamiliar to me — but you make it somewhat more comprehensible. Nicely satirical!

  5. haha – that sounds pretty familar – and yeah – there are thousands of books that could be filled with whatever strange leadership stories and team interaction stories

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