Weekend Fun: More Nooks to Curl Up In

I got too wrapped up in long overdue book reviews to have time for a Friday Fun post, so here is something for the weekend instead! Some places to curl up in with a good book, but with nature surrounding us, so we can make the most of the spring weather (when it does arrive).

From Domaine Home.
From Domaine Home.
Clooney's holiday villa, from Architectural Digest.
George Clooney’s holiday villa in Mexico, from Architectural Digest.
From Garden magazine.
From Garden magazine.
From Go Glamping.
From Go Glamping.

Mind you, that last one might get a little hot in summer…


17 thoughts on “Weekend Fun: More Nooks to Curl Up In”

  1. I am glad you posted, Marina Sofia. But no time to really comment. I’m off to that lovely Domaine home to catch up on some reading! 🙂

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