Guacamole with tortilla chips

First all creamy smooth…

with crunch of fresh-baked hotness:

firesparks in mouth

Food may be one of my favourite things in the world, but my poetic inspiration was only sufficient for this haiku about one of my new favourite foods, since I discovered how to make my own guacamole. I’m linking this up to Toni’s food prompt over at dVerse Poets Pub (talk about pub food!). Join me there to find much more evocative poems for foodies!


25 thoughts on “Guacamole with tortilla chips”

  1. Oh I love guacamole.. I remember making it before cilantro was not easily available… Took me a while to realize it was available as coriander in the Asian store… At least to me any guacamole has to have cilantro..

  2. Avocado in anything is wonderful; and those ‘firesparks’ in guacamole add just the right amount of zest! Good for you for making your own. I haven’t done this in a long, long time.

  3. You evoked the way guacamole and tortilla chips taste so well, Marina Sofia! And there’s nothing like homemade when it comes to guacamolre, hummus, or other dips and spreads.

  4. MMmm, I love those places that make it right at your table. The guac. Nice on making your own guac – I have yet to do that, but make my own salsa all the time.
    And fresh chips are def better than in the bag. Fireworks for sure. Ha.

    1. That’s where I learnt how to make my own – at a Mexican restaurant in DC. I just kept asking and watching. They don’t have good Mexican food in Europe generally…

  5. We sometimes go to a “Mexican Fusion” restaurant where they often mix fruit into the Guac. Out favorite is when they place small watermelon cubes in it, and each bite explodes with a subtle sweetness

    1. the thing is – when my daughter is at home – the avocados are eaten more quickly than you can glimpse… so if i want to make guacamole i have to hide them – ha

  6. Hate avocados, love guacamole–we all taste to a different chef, I suppose; but lovely specificity for the prompt.

  7. Guac-o-m0-lay…..wonderful! I love the stuff, love avocados. I make a simple salad of slices with a Dijon vinaigrette drizzled over. and I was introduced to avocado ice cream in Japan. You did this up proper!

  8. I never liked avocado or guacamole, until I discovered I’m allergic to dairy and couldn’t have cheese and sour cream on my tacos. Now I love chopped avocado on my tacos and in a salad. Nice haiku – just enough inspiration. Peace, Linda

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