Approved but Still Too Greedy

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What, you may ask, is this little stamp of approval that I am supposed to add to the sidebar of my blog? It is a new badge from Netgalley designed for members who are auto-approved by four or more publishers. (The one below is what every reviewer registered on Netgalley receives.)

So what does this mean? Does it mean that my gorgeous writing style and incisive reviews have wooed the great and mighty of the publishing world? That they crave my approval and are falling over themselves to put my words of wisdom on their book covers?

Nope, it means I am far too greedy for my own good still. And that, despite my efforts to clear a little of my TBR list, I still have 30 (thirty!) unread books on my Netgalley shelf. That website will be my undoing…

25 thoughts on “Approved but Still Too Greedy”

    1. It’s a pain, I admit I prefer real books. And, what’s even worse, some publishers send me pdf files, which are even more of a pain to read on e-readers or on laptops!

  1. Ah, Netgalley! More seductive than any fictional vamp or handsome ne’er-do-well. And twice as dangerous … 😉

    1. As soon as I read one of your reviews (or those of my trusted blogger friends), I do a quick search on Netgalley… and all too often I am hopelessly seduced by that evil fellow!

  2. Ha! I have to say that I don’t frequent NetGalley too often. They don’t really share my taste in books (and I don’t really share their love of electronic files…).

    Having said that, I’m just as guilty as you are of having unread review copies, though… 😦

    1. I use them for poetry too – but there the e-book formatting really is a problem! I have found some interesting books, like Van Gogh’s letters or other fiction in translation too. And of course many of my crime publishers will only send books to me that way…

  3. I deleted my account at Netgalley because I didn’t want the burden of commitment to reading them especially if I didn’t like them. Plus, I read in moods. Overall, reviewing on that kind of level just isn’t for me, you know? However, I am impressed that you are “approved.” I say good luck and enjoy!

    1. Ah, my feedback rate is abysmal… but I try not to feel too guilty about it. I try not to request anything that I am unlikely to read, but sometimes, as with food, my eyes are hungrier than my stomach.

    1. It’s so much easier to forget about them because they are not occupying place on your shelves. But my husband’s strategy of buying me a tablet so I won’t have groaning bookshelves clearly has not paid off… I now have more than doubled my TBR pile with both types of books.

  4. Thank goodness I’m not the only one who forgets about them, or what they’re about! I’ve more than 30 unread titles, so rest easy! I got this stamp too (although being rubbish at technology I haven’t figured out how to put any of my three stamps on yet!) I also got an e-mail saying only 2% of NetGalley members achieve it – but this is the fifth blog I’ve been on in the last couple of days that’s earned it! Are we real goody-goodies, or are NG telling porkie pies?

    1. Oh and I haven’t figured out how to put the stamp on my sidebar either – but I don’t think I want, as it’s not something to be proud of (it’s like telling everyone I’m addicted to chocolate and ice-cream).

  5. I’m fairly recent to both NetGalley and ereading and I have the two problems already – trying to resist requesting too much, and books on the electronic pile which haven’t been read. Must restrain myself……..

  6. I am so comforted by the amount of books you have yet to read on your NetGalley shelf. i thought I was the only one with more than 20…

  7. Suddenly I feel a lot less guilty about my arrears of three books! I have a love-hate relationship with NetGalley; I don’t like feeling obliged to write about a book I might not like or have much to say about, but I have to keep looking in case there’s something really good that everyone else is going to spot and I’m going to miss.

    1. You describe it perfectly. Although I have to admit I don’t go ‘looking’ unless someone has specifically mentioned a book I think I might find interesting… otherwise matters might be even more out of hand.

    1. Ah, but I’m not counting the physical shelves, which probably have over 50 books… And to think that once upon a time I used to be quite restrained in my purchases.

  8. Ach, you just have long queues and full bookshelves so you have something to read for whatever mood you’re in. How’s that for a fine rationalization? In any case, congrats on the badge, and happy reading! For the record, my queue is under 10, but it includes a few super huge books that I just haven’t gotten to.

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