Friday Fun: Out on the Patio

Who wants to spend time inside, when there are such pools, patios and views beckoning? In this hot weather, however, don’t forget your sunscreen, floppy hats and books to cover your faces (tablets are just not the same thing…).

Zinc House, from
Zinc House, from
Spanish villa, from Architectural Digest.
Spanish villa, from Architectural Digest.
Greek villa, photographer credit Prue Roscoe.
Greek villa, photographer credit Prue Roscoe.
Oriental theme, from
Oriental theme, from
Roof garden, from Domaine Home.
Roof garden, from Domaine Home.
Armani's house, Architectural Digest.
Armani’s house, Architectural Digest.

23 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Out on the Patio”

  1. Ahh… lovely! It’s enough to make me want to abandon my studio immediately and rush outside! Sadly, my terrace is nowhere near as glam as these, so maybe I should just get back to work. Pah.

      1. For one of the May Balls one year, Sydney Sussex College in Cambridge flooded the cloisters and floated punts in them! Which isn’t quite the same, but shows promise.

  2. I hope you have as much fun choosing your Friday posts as I do in looking at them, Marina. Tough choice as usual – I think it’s a toss-up between the Spanish and Greek villas for me.

  3. Those are lovely – the Japanese one particularly. I feel relaxed just looking at it….

    1. I was thinking ‘What Japanese one?’ I’m not sure it’s in Japan, but somewhere in Cambodia, Thailand thereabouts. Wherever it is, it’s my favourite also…

  4. Oh, these are all so lovely, Marina Sofia!! I’m moving into the Greek villa, I think. Yes, that’ll suit well. You’re welcome to come for a visit!

  5. Hmm well we’ll see ! Looking forward to the R&R whatever . About to become a fellow expat ….en route to our new home/life in Paris !!!

  6. wow – i need a pool… though it would have to have a waterslide and jet stream canal to really make me happy – ha – smiles
    have a lovely weekend

  7. With this heat, please tell me next week’s Friday Fun will be about cool basements or houses in Sweden. 🙂

  8. I love reading and writing outside. So calming to the spirit. I live in an apt building but we do have nice parks in the area. Lovely pictures!

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